Chroniton is an HP I purchased online at, and after I got it I upgraded it with more Ram, a video card, and a video capture card to turn it into a media center. Mostly I use it for watching TV, editing video, and for extra storage. Chronitons are fictional particles that cause fluctuations in space/time.

I love Star Trek- I've seen every episode of every series except the original series, which someday I'll get to I'm sure, but I've never been so much of a fan of Kirk. The vision of Star Trek is one that I've always seen as the closest to ideal as the future could be.

I started to learn origami in junior high after Kaoru, an exchange student from Japan, gave me my first origami book.

Summer in Japan...

I started taking karate in January of 2005

I recently got interested in genealogy after Mom showed me the research my cousin Lori had done into the history of her side of the family. She has charted seven generations back so far, and I have used her research to begin a tree of my own in the hope I can come somewhere close to what she has for my father's side. The Dannenberg side will be more difficult though as they were fairly new arrivals to the country, but I'm going to try and gather whatever I can. I've started to collect newspaper clippings of Grandpa Dannenberg who was the mayor of Holton for four terms, and I ponder I will just try and gather up as much as I can and then make it into a book and put some of it up on a genealogy page.