Quote of the month:

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired
signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not
fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Scientific revelations of the month:

The speed of light is variable and can be slowed down
or increased- the cosmic speed limit is no more.

Pluto has three moons.

Favorite movie of the month:

War of the Worlds- though it was also the only movie I saw.

What I'm thankful for this month:

Gas prices went down from crazy expensive to just being a little expensive.

- October 31, 2005 -

Halloween, and President Bush gave a treat to the religious conservatives today and scared the rest of the country with a new Supreme Court nominee.

This morning I got up and walked dogs, there were actually quite a few helpers today too, and I also took pictures of some of them for advertising.

Saturday night I went over to Brent's after work and he, Angie and I ate and went to see War of the Worlds at the dollar theater- I thought is was very good, and held fairly close the original.

- October 29, 2005 -

It appears there is now a clue to finding a cure to the HIV virus; gene CCR5 or "Delta 32" carried by a few English descendants of people who survived the black death. Those with the gene were never infected by the virus that devastated Europe in the 1300's

The NBC/Wall Street Journal Polls came out, these results are after Hurricane Katrina, but before the Libby indictments:
39% of Americans approve of Bush's job performance.
2% of African Americans approve of Bush's job performance.

28% of Americans feel the country is on the right track.
69% of Americans feel that the cost of Energy will go up.
61% feel the cost of gas will go up.
50% of Republicans feel that Delay and Frist committed potentially illegal acts.
39% of Americans feel that the GOP should control Congress after the next election.

Scooter Libby was indicted yesterday- Could he be the Bush administration's Monica Lewinski? So, what did he really do? Well, he testified to a grand jury that he was being called by reporters and one of them told him a CIA operative's name, and that she sent her husband to Africa to see if Saddam was getting things to make nuclear weapons. He was on record as telling reporters after that what he has heard- but it is also in the record that he had numerous talks with the Vice President over the man who went to Africa to disprove the false truths Bush was leading us into war with, they spoke of his wife, and how they could be discredited- and then information was leaked to the press about them... So Libby lied when he stated he learned it all from the press- the lied to the grand jury was a big thing- but the underlying question is that Cheney and Libby are on record discussing how Wilson could be discredited and about his wife, that information was all leaked to the press- it didn't work to change any opinions, and now the house is on fire so to speak.

At this point in the war 2004 American soldiers have died in Iraq, and an estimated 30,000 Iraqis have perrished in terrorist attacks in their country since the start of the war. The current cost of the Iraq war to date is $204,160,400,000. If that money was spent on education it would equal ten million people being given full four-year scholarships to a public university, we could have put over 27 million children through head start, or we could have funded a global anti-hunger effort so no one would starve for a decade without any other government helping. Don't get me wrong- I think perhaps a century or two from now there will be a second great statue of Saddam in Baghdad, only this one will not be in honor of him, but will include the people toppling his monument- something somewhat reminiscent of the Iwo Jima memorial in reverse... I think our course in Iraq must be altered, but not abandoned.

- October 25, 2005 -

I worked on cleaning the house today, organizing all my stuff, exercising, and working on Brent's photo site.

Today the humane society was able to get many dogs to new places. Seven went to Lansing prison where they will be trained and adopted out, and a few others went out to different rescue groups.

- October 24, 2005 -

Lots to get done- I started today by updating the dojo site for Brent. I moved some things around and added a couple photos. After that I started to design his photography site, which I'll hopefully get up later today.

- October 22, 2005 -

Welp, I didn't get the graphic design job at work. When I started at kshs I was told that working for the state earned you a bit of an advantage with new job openings- but now I ponder the low stature of my job perhaps was more of a disadvantage when being compared to people that were currently in the field. Despite my flawed strategy I'm still very happy at work.

The two cats we have been fostering seem to have had a disagreement. We had four, but two got adopted, and now have the mom and a baby girl left, and Monday we got the girl fixed... Now that she is back the mom hates her... she hisses and will attack her if she gets too close, and the kitty doesn't really know what's wrong. It's very strange, cause the adult cat seems ok with all of our dogs, and doesn't seem to mind Nekochan (my adult male cat) very much at all, but she doesn't want anything to do with the kitten. The mom seems very happy and content with people, and the kitten, which was once very scared now doesn't seem to mind people either.

Transparent Aluminum is being tested by the US Air Force for practical applications. The metal was first used in Star Trek- all of the windows on ships and stations are not created from glass, but the clear metal. It was invented a year ago, and is now apparently about to make its way into use. I think it will be of most value to aviation/spacecraft, submersibles, I'm sure for computer and TV screens.

- October 16, 2005 -

Wow, it was like the most productive day ever for me. I got up at 3am (I'm not sure why), compressed video files, worked on my family tree, ran 2 miles on the treadmill, made a cover for Carrie's fall program, took a one hour nap, made a printed certificates to all the sponsors of the Pet Fair, and then Lori wrote me with a TON of info for the family tree, so I spent the last five hours working on that.... I saw on Mythbusters that a Jaw Breaker (candy) can be extremely dangerous if it is microwaved! It was quite fascinating.... When microwaved the inside gets really hot and expands, but the outside which is the hardest layer does not... so the inside keeps heating... turns to a liquid and then you have a time bomb! So then, if a child tries to eat it, when the outer layers are breached, the pressure is released and the jaw breaker explodes, and violently so. Making it even more dangerous, the sticky inner liquid that sprays out causes horrible burning.

- October 9, 2005 -

Today I went over to ask Grandma about our family history. Mom recently gave me a couple family trees for her parents that my cousin Lori made, so I started to put all the pieces together to build up as much information about my ancestors as I can. Most of my research I will do on Dad's half of the family, but I'm not sure how far I will be able to go as they seem to have all come to America around 1800 from various places. In Mom's collection of stuff she had a picture of my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother. I've constructed version one of my family tree, and perhaps I'll build a section in my interest page where I can put more pictures and information about what I've discovered.

I finished editing and uploaded four years of logs that I kept just in a text file into my blog tonight. I wish I had a journal or something written from any of my ancestors.

Yesterday after I walked the dogs Sara, Bob & Teresa came up to Holton to go out for giant cinnamon rolls at the Waterfalls Restaurant. After breakfast Mom gave them a tour of the humane society's shelter, and then I gave them a brief tour of Holton.

- October 7, 2005 -

Today I got up and walked the dogs, came home and worked on my genealogy for several hours (I'll talk about this later), mowed the yard, winterized and brought in some of the tropical plants, and cleaned... Tomorrow Bob, Sara & Teresa are coming up to go out for cinnamon rolls and to meander about, I also will walk the dogs again since the normal weekend people backed out- It's getting to be so cold in the mornings.

- October 5, 2005 -

There's some crazy spending going on along the gulf coast; FEMA is paying for homes with roof damage to be tarped.... Problem is they are spending so much on the tarps, and for them to be put on the homes, that they could have spent an equal amount to have all the homes re-roofed.

A number of Republicans are now calling Bush's selection of Harriet Miers a mistake. Many don't like knowing exactly where she stands on the issues- Sam Brownback has already stated that he will vote against her if she says that Roe v. Wade is settled law. I find it all very interesting... I don't really have an opinion of her I guess, I'd like to know more about her. Bush has stepped on a bit of a land mine though I feel, his approval has been in the low 40's for a number of months, and what has kept him from going lower are the conservative voters who now feel a little betrayed that he really should have selected a staunch conservative for the court.