Quote of the Month:

"As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality." -George Washington

- November 28, 2005 -

Monday, Today I got up and walked the dogs at the shelter... it was cold, windy, and snowy, not very good dog walking weather. Yesterday morning I also walked dogs, but it was very warm and nice, but that led to tornados and bad weather later on.

Tonight I made a certificate for Letha, and ordered a nifty item online for someone at work. Today is Black Monday, when people are supposed to buy things online since more people are back at work goofing off- so I helped to raise the average today.

- November 26, 2005 -

I know, I know, I've been kinda bad about blogging regularly, but I've been occupied by some things- and I've also have been putting time into my genealogy page.

- November 18, 2005 -

So much to do... Got up and walked the dogs this morning, got ready for work- it's really cold now in the mornings, and we had our first snow of the season earlier this week.

- November 15, 2005 -

This weekend I worked on my family tree, I was a wee bit under the weather one day. I walked dogs this morning- it was also the first snow of the season this morning.

In the latest Newsweek poll:
36% of Americans give Bush a passing grade.
42% of Americans feel Bush is ethical.
29% of Americans feel Vice President Cheney is ethical.
26% of Americans say they are satisfied with how things are going in the US.

Pat Robertson recently vented on the Dover, PA electorate for voting all the Republican creationists off the school board by telling them not to pray to God when disaster strikes their city, because they had rejected him from their city. I'm guessing someone never heard of the separation of church and state.

- November 9, 2005 -

11/9 and Jordan its worst terrorist attacks in the form of three hotel bombings in which 56 were killed. In the battle for the hearts and minds of the people, this will only strengthen the relationship between Jordan and the US.

Kansas is starting to be made fun of again in the media for the State School Board's decision to open the doors to teaching intelligent design. In Dover, PA however it would appear that natural selection is still alive and well seeing as the eight Republican members of their school board will be looking for a new jobs tomorrow as they were voted out of office for trying the same thing.

- November 8, 2005 -

It was a good day- I worked on the dojo & humane society sites a bit, ran on the treadmill, and cleaned some.

Election day, and it would appear that Democrats won both of the races for governor in Virginia & New Jersey. New Jersey was projected to stay blue, but Virginia is a red state, and Bush had campaigned for the Republican candidate there making the election more of a referendum on the President.

- November 7, 2005 -

It's been a busy weekend. Friday Bob went if for some tests so I watched Winston for a couple days. Saturday after work I went out to eat at Sun's with Mary Lou, Christie and Teresa- and after that Teresa and I went to go see how Bob was doing. He seemed quite well. Sunday I went to Lawrence to paint at Joe & Cynthia's with Teresa. It went pretty well, we painted a small spare bedroom, and I didn't get a drop of paint on my. Teresa was pretty neat too, though she did get more in her hair, but that always happens, and she sat on the lid of one can. This morning Teresa came up to Holton and helped walk dogs and clean at the Humane Society... after that I came home and took a nap.

Rioting in Paris is in its eleventh day- and has now spread to three hundred cities from France to Germany. The unrest was sparked by Muslim and other immigrant groups that felt under-represented and ignored by the government especially when it came to employment.

Evolution is being debated once again in Kansas- the fight now is over whether "Intelligent Design" should be taught in public schools along with evolution (since their last attempt to remove evolution from state science testing was met with great criticism and withdrawn). It would appear that Darwin has found a new ally in the Vatican; Cardinal Paul Poupard, head of the Pontifical Council on Culture, said that Darwin's Theory and the bible are "perfectly compatible", and sharply criticized Christian fundamentalists who were interpreting biblical accounts too literally.

- November 2, 2005 -

Teeth whitening products are dangerous! I'd recently been using Crest whitening with Scope, and Listerine whitening- no real reason, I did not wish to whiten my teeth, but they looked him and new with added niceness. After I'd been using them both for some time I noticed one day that the inside of my cheeks were peeling! ICK!

Today it was released in the news that the US has an old Soviet gulag- among other formerly secret prisions. If scandal has come out of the prisons we know about, I wonder what goes on in the secret prisions where they keep the prisioners they really want to get information out of?

Scooter Libby goes on trial tomorrow- he is the first member of the White House staff to be indicted since Grant was in office.

- November 1, 2005 -

Today was a good day. I winterized the fishpond and did some other random things. Tonight I went out and took some pictures of the stars- nothing too nifty, but I figured I'd toss up this panorama, the Pleiades are on the far right. I saw a couple meteors while I was out too.