Quote of the Month:

"Free nations do not develop weapons of mass destruction." -George W. Bush

Interesting Factoid of the Month:

The dollar symbol was created by combining the letters in US.

- December 28, 2005 -

Tonight I went with Bob to MaryLou's retirement party- it was pretty keen. It was at Terry's Bar, and a lot of people came. towards the end people started playing pool, I played a game with Teresa, and lost, and then lost to Jane... and then beat Jane- I then beat Letha... and then Teresa came over and beat me again. Who won and lost really doesn't reveal who was the best though- and Jane and Letha were really good. Teresa lost to Brian in several games.

- December 21, 2005 -

Went to work today, it wasn't too busy. After work I went to Bob's to make a slideshow CD and then we went out to Spangles. Yesterday I walked dogs in the morning, but it wasn't as cold so it was ok.

- December 19, 2005 -

Walked the dogs today- It's SO cold in the morning before the sun comes up, so cold even the dogs don't want to go out. They would get about sixty feet from the building and then start to hold up their paws... one flopped over to get its feet out of the snow, but quickly realized that wasn't going to help. Another dog would lick the underside of each paw with each step- that was pretty interesting to watch. Skimmy was the only dog not to care about the cold, she ran and went berserk as normal, and even managed to get a strip of her own drool frozen across her snout. ...The dogs have to potty though.

Today I worked a bit on my site, and added more to my my genealogy page.

- December 18, 2005 -

Shoveled the sidewalks today.

- December 17, 2005 -

I spent the day at home- Carrie and I were going to go shopping, but it snowed the entire day. I'm glad I didn't have to work, or have to go back til Wednesday. I still have a lot of shopping left to do though- I did wrap all the gifts I've gotten so far.... I've managed to stay busy- boredom however appears to be taking its toll on Carrie, who is sitting on my floor trying to make me play word games.

I took a photo of Nekochan recently... I still need to get him something for Christmas too.

President Bush is in a bit of legal trouble- it would appear that he ordered the National Security Administration to spy on American citizens by monitoring international phone calls and e-mails. The President does have the right to order this- if a warrant is obtained, but Bush stated that there wasn't time to do such.... It is also law that if the President feels there is not enough time to get a warrant, he can order surveillance, and then must get court approval within 72 hours- The Patriot Act put into effect the ability for the President to get a warrant within an hour however- and though surveillance was being conducted for possibly months, there was no attempt to get a warrant Now Bush is livid declaring that whoever leaked what he was up to has violated national security, and that is true, it would seem that he and yet another unknown leaker will be under the microscope.

- December 16, 2005 -

Wednesday Congress voted to approve John McCain's anti-torture amendment. The New York Times called it "an unusual bipartisan rebuke to the Bush administration," as nearly half of the Republicans voted with Democrats for the amendment.

Wednesday night I went over to Christie's house to help her set up her new computer- the grand kids seem to enjoy being able to play the cool games.

Today I walked dogs at the humane society, worked on Teresa's Christmas newsletter, and watched some season three of Enterprise thanks to Sara who loaned me her box set.

- December 12, 2005 -

Today I cleaned my aquarium and fed the fish peas- they seemed to like them, and they were all swimming normal.

The Folding at Home software on my computers have completed their 100th work unit today. The software folds and analyzes protein molecules, in order to find cures to a number of illnesses and diseases.

- December 10, 2005 -

Yesterday I went to work- the roads weren't really that bad at all. There don't seem to be as many patrons coming in recently, but December was slow last year too. After work I went to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Bob and Teresa. It was a good movie, but I think it is better if you know the entire series and have read the books, which I have not, but it was still a good movie on its own. We ate at the Red Robin after the movie, a place Teresa said she'd boycott since they developed on the hill, perhaps she'll find something new to boycott though.

My fish are... not well- since the middle of summer at night they would go to a corner of the aquarium and just float, in a pointing straight up manner. I at first pondered; "Egads, the fish are sick and about to die!" In the morning though they would seem perfectly ok, swimming about normally. This has continued and I've not lost a single fish in a couple years, but now I have three that point up all half the time, and one that will sometimes float upside down. I Googled my problem and found that the most likely cause is that they're gobbling up their flakes too fast. The dry flakes soak up water and expand, but since they eat them right away they swell inside the fish, and this affects their digestion and swim bladder. The advice given to solve this was to make the fish fast for a few days, and then feed them peas.... fascinating.

President Clinton was invited to speak at a global climate summit in Canada this week- He voiced his concerns about the current administration's environmental policy, and he received a standing ovation from world leaders.

It has been calculated by the USGS and world oil companies that 1/3rd of the world's oil has been used, and at the current increasing rate of consumption the remaining 2/3rds will be gone in 40 years. After that Canada could become a leading oil nation as they have vast oil sand deposits. It costs a lot to extract the oil from the sand though, so prices will certainly go up after all the oil deposits are gone- Canada's oil sand would last for possibly 50 years. Middle East countries like Dubai are already seeing their oil dry up and having expected this, have converted their economy from oil-based to tourism-based.

Brad & Ashley's wedding was tonight- I've not really gotten to know Ashley well before, but after tonight I think they were made for one another. It was nice seeing the rest of the family, and I'm just stuffed now from all the food.

- December 8, 2005 -

Yesterday it snowed all day, so I stayed home from work and cleaned the house some. Today I also stayed home, so I scooped snow, and ran on the treadmill some, and I also watched season two of Enterprise that Sara let me borrow. Tomorrow I'll go to work, it's supposed to warm up to 25 degrees... that sounds so warm after the last couple days.

- December 6, 2005 -

Yesterday I loaded up a ton of dog and cat food and took it to the Lawrence Humane Society with Teresa. They were very happy to receive the food- they just rescued a couple hundred animals from another shelter/animal collector.

- December 4, 2005 -

Taiwan is not known as being at high risk from earthquakes, but recently an number of small tremors have taken place in the capital. Geologists and seismologist have placed the epicenter of these quakes directly underneath Taipei 101, the world's tallest building. Now people are beginning to wonder if placing a 700,000 ton structure with a small footprint on soft sedimentary rocks of the Taipei basin was wise to do.

- December 2, 2005 -

Aunt Karen's funeral was today, I hadn't mentioned her battle with cancer here before now- it's difficult to talk about. I know she must be especially proud of Eric and Brad.