It can be a difficult process to transform a person into an alien, the following is the piece method for creating a Cardassian.

The first rule of altering a picture is to start with a large image, this one was over 1600 pixels across. It was also good because the person is looking forward, which makes it easier to make symmetrical.

Here I added three parts of images of Cardassians I could find: The vertical nose ridge into the spoon on the forehead, the jaw line that connects into the ears, and the necklines. As you can see, especially where the neck overlaps with the gloves, that the pieces I put on are at an opacity of around 15%. A very low opacity must be used, or your final product will look like a hodgepodge of pieces, and will not look like the person you started with, as an alien.

After putting some pieces on, I used the burn tool and set it on a large feathered brush to darken areas on the layer of the face that were very pale to begin to equalize the tonal values. I also began to use the rubber stamp tool to clone away the gloves that were covering up the body and neck, and were very distracting in the image. I also used the smudge tool to pull out the neck on the original image to fill out the Cardassian neck

I then found a good Cardassian eye socket but it was at somewhat a different angle, so I pressed Ctrl - T to transform it. Sometimes if an object is really off you will have to go to Edit, Transform, Distort. I also created a Cardassian chin with the smudge tool set on a fine feathered brush, and I also use the dodge and burn tools with a small feathered brush too.
Next I added a color layer, or three color layers rather, for each color I used. I put all my color layers in a layer folder on the top layer, this allows you to close the folder and not have to view each of your layers... when you're dealing with a lot of layers, this can really simplify things. Cardassians have skin tones from a very dull gray, to a medium tan skin, and since the person that wanted this image wanted to be part Human, I went with tan. Cardassian women often use deep colors for makeup on their lips and on their foreheads.
I painted each color on a separate layer at full strength, and then under the Layers tab, I set the blending from Normal, to Color, and for the different layers I set the Opacity to different levels until it got the right look.
The image seemed to lack overall contrast, but especially so under the neck, so I used the polygonal lasso tool to select the area under the chin, and then I feathered the selection (so that there wouldn't be a harsh edge on my shading), and then I used a giant feathered brush size with the burn tool, and shaded under the chin to bring out a more realistic depth back to the image that was lost when I darkened the face and added lighter objects to the neck.

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