Creating an Animation:

First you will want to open all your images you want to animate in photoshop, and our goal is to put them all into one layered file. You can either drag one picture into the other, or you can copy and paste them over. If you hit Ctrl-A you will select the entire image, then you can hit Ctrl-C to copy it, then move over to the image you want to put it in and hit Ctrl-V to paste it. This method will copy it to a new layer that is square on top and center with the first image. If you used a tripod to take the photos they will probably match up easily, but if you did not you might have to change your top layer to 50% opacity (so you can see the echo of one image overtop the other) so you can line them up properly.

Now you're ready to switch to Image Ready, which is a program that comes with Photoshop- to launch Image Ready just push the button at the bottom of the tool bar. Once Image Ready opens it should bring over the file you were working on in Photoshop. To edit the file further you'll need the animation palette open (You can go to Window and check "Animation" if it is not open when the program begins).

Next you should click the arrow directly under the button to close the palette and select "Make Frames From Layers" and then your layers will become frames in your animation. You can now hit the play button and it will show you your animation. You can drag any frame to before or after another to change the order which they play, and if you click underneath the frame photo you can change the duration which each frame will play. The default is zero seconds which will make for a very quick animation.

Once you are satisfied with your animation go up to File and select Save Optimized As... and save the file. The file you create will be an animated gif that can play in any web browser. You should keep screen resolutions in mind when you make the file and keep it under a few hundred pixels across.