- September 6, 2010 -

Teresa left on a family Disney trip to Florida, and Brad came over Friday to spend the weekend... I wasn't expecting him until 6 but he showed up shortly after five with his kite- it totally dashed my planned pre-Brad cleaning frenzy, so Shug & I flew off back to work. We launched the kite and took some great photos of the building and area around- Shug barked probably the entire time though. When we were done she got a walk on the nature trails though- I had to carry her across all the foot bridges though, she's a scaredie cat. Sunday we went downtown to a parking lot and launched the kite to take photos of the Capitol Building and the city- it was perfect.... except for the drugged out guy on a bike who came and accosted us. He was completely high, and probably was on other drugs too cause he was pretty crazy... at one point he offered his joint up to the altimeter, Brad had a number of things on the tailgate, so he was a bit nervous; with a kite in the air there's only so much attention you can pay to things around you, but we got the kite down and packed up so the guy wandered off. It was a memorable event to say the least. People often wander up when they see the big kite up in the air and the rig mounted to the line, sometimes it's a beacon for crazies too I guess.