- September 28, 2006 -

Last night I potted the brugmansia (tropical tree), and tonight when I got home it was completely wilted and dead-looking... Mayhaps it didn't like being transplanted so much. Maybe it will come back to live.

China now has a nifty super laser it has been using to shoot at the three US Keyhole satellites we use for surveying any spying on the world. The laser doesn't hurt the satellites, but it does blind them as they pass overhead. I wonder when we'll have stealth satellites to put up there (if we don't have them already)- it's more likely we'll just put hundreds of very small hard to target ones up next.

- September 25, 2006 -

Monday back to work and all was chaos- one of the servers was under a DNS attack and that was causing all sorts of network havoc.

Last night I went to a tech people get together at Jesse's house. Jesse's wife Reggie gave everyone tours of the house and yard which they've been landscaping- everything was just awesome, and Reggie was just the coolest person ever.

- September 20, 2006 -

BAH! I got a shipment from TigerDirect today; a thumb drive, 22 in 1 flash card reader, gig of ram, and a new scanner.... the Bah exclamation is because the scanner was shipped separately, and just in the factory box which was not reinforced well... and it was TOTALLY SMASHED up inside. All busted up... busted all to heck! I already called and got my return code, and UPS will pick it back up tomorrow... meh.

Egads... the Brugmansia Arborea I got Mom for Mother's day tripled in size over the summer. It's a tropical treed that has huge flowers- and I pondered I'd dig it up and pot it... I've had a potted Biwa tree for almost a decade now and it's happy... but now the new tree is just huge so it's going to be a major pain to haul in. There was also a dead bird in the pond today... Ick. It was such a good day before I came home too... I guess it wasn't above nominal... but a normal day is pretty good.

Work goes well, tomorrow we're off to Mine Creek to take them a new system.

- September 11, 2006 -

Sanka is one destructive pup, tonight she shredded my box of tissues, and in the bathroom she found one of those plastic netting sort of scrubby things you get for liquid bath soap.... She completely obliterated it... it was all one piece mostly... but it was stretched all the way across the bedroom.

- September 10, 2006 -

I'm still kinda under the weather, but as long as the tissue box holds out I'll be ok. It's been a quiet day- I slept in, did the dishes, meandered about the house and cleaned some, and watched a lot of TV while I played on the internet.

Yesterday Teresa came over and we went shopping... I got some nifty new clothes. I had just gotten back to Brent's before she came over. Sanka and I went home, mostly because I had a video project to work on. Sanka is use to being an only child, so she didn't get along very well with the other animals... she'd go after their food and was just very aggressive towards them. I took her to bed with me, and I didn't hardly sleep at all.

Today I worked more on the video project having downloaded some free software with my laptop- I think I'm done with the project now... I hope. Video formats can be such a pain to work with.

- September 7, 2006 -

Full Moon tonight, the "corn moon", which is traditionally the best day/night for harvesting corn I guess- none of that for me though, I instead went over to Mickey's to look at his laptop, and to go out to eat. He showed me some of his Flash work which I found very impressive.

I'm kind sick- I had a slight sore throat yesterday, a tinge of a headache, but that went away very quick. My runny nose and sneezing will not stop though.

- September 6, 2006 -

It was a good night in tonight. Dennis came down to get help with his computer, I ate Thai leftovers, and did some good house chores.

- September 5, 2006 -

After work Bob, Teresa, Laura & I went out for Thai- I just love the yellow curry bowl, it's the super-best!

Sanka (Brent's dog) is bad- tonight she found something in the yard and rolled in it. She smelled so bad I couldn't stand to be in the same room with her, so I gave her a bath.

- September 4, 2006 -

Labor Day, my first paid day for not working and Bob, Teresa & I went to the Omaha Zoo. The weather was super good, quite perfect for zoo meandering. Omaha has a great zoo, and I would have to say the polar bears were my favorite. They seemed the most personable and playful- like they wanted to show off and get attention. There were two of them, and one had a giant hard plastic ball that it would swim with, push about, & stand up and throw into the water and then dive after.

- September 3, 2006 -

Had some trouble sleeping... It's the Trains! Why must they blow their horns as they go by Topeka??? I mean... I can hear the train well enough and I'm blocks away, but they blow their horns so you can really hear them. Teresa came over around one and we went over to Lin's to help her with some yard work... but Lin and Brian were gone... so instead we roamed about. We took Sanka for a walk at Ceadercrest and then got a pizza and watched Aeon Flux- it was kinda a junky movie.

- September 2, 2006 -

I worked in the library today but it was completely dead- totally dead. Bob brought in some of the super yummy Italian cheesy bread that the Mormon ladies make at the farmers' market- it's the greatest stuff. After work Bob and I went out to eat at Sun's and we meandered about some. Tonight was my first night of house sitting for Brent- I really like his Wi-Fi goodness.