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- September 22, 2005 -

It's been a busy weekend- Friday I went to the Lawrence Humane Society's auction with Christie, Mary Lou, Nancy & Teresa. It was a great night- Christie makes any outing fun though, she had a story (which I cannot repeat) that made everyone laugh themselves to tears nearly. The auction went well too, and I cannot fathom a guess of how much they made. I didn't get home until fairly late, and Saturday I went to work; it was a fairly average day, and I got one of my big projects done. After work Teresa and I went shopping. I got some dress socks and a polo shirt. It started to rain a bit, but we went out to eat at Tump Tim Thai- and after that it poured like CRAZY!! It was somewhat hard to see and Teresa was driving and she came to a bit of a low spot in the road on Urish that was flooded... Coming home it got really bad, traffic was going at 30 miles per hour a lot of the way- and even that was a little scary. It continued to rain all night, and about 3am lightening struck somewhere very close to the house, it set one of the fire alarms off, and our phones are our... and the doorbell goes off at random times. They said on the news that Jackson County got the most rain, 15 inches in the south, I'm not really sure what we got here in town as our rain gauge topped out at five inches.

Today was the Pet Fair for the Heart of Jackson Humane Society, it really contrasts with what the Lawrence Humane Society put on, but it went pretty well. Turn out was a lot lower this year due to all the flooding, but I think they raised a few dollars. I ran a booth for signing people up to volunteer, and I also sold a few items too. At the end there was a raffle and I won a new bike.

- September 22, 2005 -

It was a good weekend; Saturday Bob and I went to KC to see Eunjoo and Troy. We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, and then most of the time I spent making Eunjoo's laptop happy. We also watched videos of Korean toddlers dancing and singing- Troy becomes moody with other programming, but all-in-all seems to be a very happy baby.

For the last few years a massive building project has been underway in the small Middle-East country of Dubai. As their oil deposits are beginning to be depleted they've looked for new ways to keep their nation thriving, and tourism is their leading focus. This satellite view of their coastline shows the scale of the changes being made, the river, which is also man-made is a hundred miles long. The most challenging part of their projects is creating stable land in the sea, they've designed massive palm trees, each containing resort hotels & hundreds of luxury homes. There is also a series of hundreds of islands that make up a map of the globe. Before the projects Dubai had a coastline of 44 miles... it now stretches to 932.

- September 22, 2005 -

I started walking dogs more now, I ponder I will try to do it every morning that I do not work the entire day... not counting weekend, since they have other people to walk then. Mom said Saturday they're having a bake sale, and they have a sponsor that will double all sales and donations, so I 'll make a contribution to that.

- September 19, 2005 -

I walked dogs in the morning- I think Mom and Betty are really getting weary of running the shelter everyday with very little help. It takes all their time, and with the Pet Fair coming up, the planning of which also takes a major effort, they aren't getting much rest. With all their time being taken up caring for the dogs, they don't really have time for all the fund raising projects like they use to... and less money coming in, with much greater expenses is never a good combination.

I worked on combining an old log I kept years ago into my blog- I have much editing left to do though, as my blog is more my public thoughts, and I started my log because my last job was so crazy, and I thought it would be good to vent my frustrations... I will probably upload the files next weekend.

- September 18, 2005 -

Why can I not sleep? I slept six hours last night and then last night I went to bed and just couldn't sleep... (I think I'll leave that last sentence unedited as it demonstrated how one becomes impaired when they don't sleep). As it is 5am "last night" is a fuzzy word, as it still seems like it is night... so the first last night was to represent the night of the 16th, and the second one is for the night that just passed.

Tachyon seems to be having trouble recognizing all its drives... It makes a strange muted meep and doesn't detect the storage drive, and sometimes won't boot with it... I backed up everything on the drive, but in Chroniton is seems quite happy. I ordered a 250 GB drive mid-week, so I should get it probably Monday, so I think that will bump me up to 850 GB total. While I was switching drives about I had four on my desk, so I ponder I should name them and keep track of what's on them a wee bit better... cause in my sleepy haze I pondered; "Now which was I going to put in Choniton?"

- September 17, 2005 -

It was busy today at work, and after work I went shopping with Teresa for a bit. I got a new wallet, shoes, candy to send to my host family, and a dress shirt & tie.

- September 16, 2005 -

Worked all day today and then enjoyed Sci-fi Friday. I work all day tomorrow too, so this will be short as I must sleep.

What nation has the largest movie industry? For several years running the answer has been India, both in the number of movies produced, and the number of tickets sold.

- September 15, 2005 -

No karate tonight, yippy!

I watched a fascinating program last night on sugar... It was interesting because I did not know that they created sugar more often from beets than from cane, because sugar beats grow in a wider range of climates... What was most interesting was that in the 1970's when the world was in the fuel crisis Brazil completely re engineered their economy. At the time they were importing 80% of their oil from foreign sources and it cost an average of $40 to fill up their gas tanks, but today they only import 12% of the oil they use, and it only costs an average of $20 to fill their tanks.... The reason: sugar. Sugar is bad in your gas tank... but sugar beets fermented into ethanol provides greater horsepower than gas created from oil. I was amazed that the Brazilian system was so well engineered compared to ours. ....If 80% of what are cars used could be grown by farmers here rather than purchased from overseas.

- September 12, 2005 -

Today I walked dogs, compressed a lot of TV programs I've saved on my computer, and printed a couple things for my portfolio.

- September 11, 2005 -

Today is the fourth anniversary of 9/11, and the thirty second of my parents' wedding. There have been a lot of shows on TV about various aspects of 9/11, timelines of what and how things happened, history of the WTC, terrorism... on one of the tabloid news shows on in the afternoon they had a party planner on, and asked her the question if it was appropriate to have any type of party on 9/11... and they pondered that the day should be observed without celebrations- even if it is a child's birthday. I ponder what happened to not allowing the terrorists to change the way we live.

Yesterday I cleaned out the fish pond and mowed the lawn, perhaps today I'll try to clean out my aquarium.

- September 9, 2005 -

Today is Jeffrey Combs's Birthday... He's one of my most favorite Trek actors, and he has played a plethora of characters, most notably: Weyoun, Shran, and Liquidator Brunt. I hope for the next series he is cast in a central role.

Another day of dog walking- I was the only walker today, so it took nearly three hours to walk all the dogs... I was really dragging by the time it was over.

I have today off due to my new schedule... hopefully I'll be able to catch up on a few projects this weekend.

- September 8, 2005 -

I got up today at six and went to walk dogs at the humane society... It rained on a little on me, but it went rather quickly... I ran with some of them to speed things up- they love that though, cause a few of them will choke themselves by pulling if you just walk.

- September 7, 2005 -

I had a busy weekend, I worked Saturday, and then Sunday and Monday Teresa and I painted at Donna's house. Donna and Mike sure know how to feed a paint crew too- They totally stuffed us to the point of bursting. We painted the exterior of their house, and with their help we got it all pretty much done in the two days.

- September 2, 2005 -

Hurricane Katrina; it's been three days now since it hit the Gulf Coast and the situation in New Orleans seems to get worse and worse. Yesterday “looting” was something that most people would have viewed as criminal, but it’s beginning to become the only way for survivors to get food and water. I do blame Bush for a degree of how poorly the situation is being managed- I wonder why food and water are not just being air-dropped by parachute into New Orleans… I also blame the White House for publicly stating that the US was “not requesting international aid, though if it was offered we would not reject it.” …they don’t have to openly request it, but why not be more welcoming of it? If I blame Bush, I also must blame the Governors- because they are equally capable of ordering an air-drop… and of course many of the people are to blame, those that had the ability to leave but did not. Those that now shoot at helicopters and limit what can be done to help, and those that started to loot early on because they could- and not because they needed to.

A new tropical storm has gained enough strength to be designated Lee in the alphabetical progression in the Atlantic- though it's still too early to tell where it will go, with the water temps in the Gulf of Mexico being so hot, any storm that ends up there will be just as bad as Katrina.

- September 1, 2005 -

8am, and it's been a semi-productive day so far... I worked some on the Pet Fair T-Shirt for the Humane Society. Marty always draws the cartoon for the design, and I clean it up and streamline it into vector artwork for the T-shirt. This year it was much more complex and a bit difficult... and time consuming. I also edited the image of Teresa and Rom's baby a wee bit. It was inspired by a thing Conan O'Brien always does where they combine two people to see what their offspring will look like.... This was Teresa's nephew, and Nog from Star Trek. The reason I bring it back up now was because there is a contest at work for people to submit the best toddler photo, and Lin pondered it would be nice to enter.

I also started to practice my Sumi-e (Japanese Calligraphy). It's quite different from Western calligraphy, which uses a flat quill pen that is always held at the same angle- With Sumi-e you use a brush, and the angle changes with the stroke. I'll try to practice regularly, and hopefully I'll be happy enough with something that I'll post it here.

I got my first $100 Google check for the ads in my blog; I use to really dislike ads, but now that I get the money from them they seem much more tolerable.. and they track page views too.

Tonight is Dennis' going away party, he rented from Brent for a number of months, and he decided he would take a job working for Nick (who is Brent's Karate Sensei) in Texas. Last night I went over and showed him how to make slide shows and put a new anti-virus program on his computer.

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