- October 24, 2010 -

Spent the weekend at Brad's and today was a great day for taking some kite photos! There was a steady wind, good sun, happy clouds and the leaves are starting to change. I hope fall gives us more of these days.


- October 18, 2010 -

crackGah! I was diving home for lunch today and..... WHACK! I didn't see that anything struck me, but a pop can sized circular crack appeared on my windshield. Sadness. After three calls to insurance, the glass claims person my State Farm rep redirected me to, and then the auto glass shop, Raider will have a new windshield by the close of business Friday. ... for $250. One silver lining is that October is a three paycheck month, so I guess that counter balances it.

- October 16, 2010 -

Bob, T, Brad and I went to wander around KC a bit today, mostly to see the WWI monument & museum. They have a great collection and exhibit setup- it's very impressive; lots of guns which Brad seemed to enjoy. I wonder how much it cost to put it all together.