- Nov 23, 2009 -

Tonight Jesse came over again and we swapped the basement bathroom toilet for the one in the master bathroom. The one in the master bath was kinda high for Teresa, but from some reason it seems lower now that it is downstairs.... I'm not fully certain how that can be, perhaps the laws of physics are different there. We also trimmed the spruce in the front yard and looked at my electrical.

- Nov 16, 2009 -

Welp, I'm now a home owner! Ug. There's still a lot to move, but we'll have Teresa living there this week, sans the capacity to do laundry. Friday & Saturday we started to moved a lot of stuff in, yesterday we started to sort things to rooms they were going to, and clean. I haven't decided what I'll do for a bed yet, the bed I have came with the house 30 years ago, mostly I think they left it cause it was so darn heavy. I'm keen on leaving it and getting something different, so maybe the couch will be a bed for a while, but we need to move Teresa's bed still too. Today's moving plans kinda got snowed on so I didn't bring the truck, with Raider though I can move everything that remains in her house except the mattress and a recliner.

- Nov. 6, 2009 -

There was a shooting at Fort Hood yesterday killing thirteen and hospitalizing twenty seven. A Major Hasan Nidal Malik is the alleged shooter,though I find it difficult to call him that with so many witnesses,at a certain point I think graveone should be able to say it with certainty that he was the shooter. There was some debate to whether or not it was a terrorist act and I was left wondering just how people define a terrorist act now-a-days. I think they were waiting to find some sort of connection to Islamic extremists before they'd qualify it as such... seemed so very narrow to me. I feel intent and motive are completely irrelevant- the only qualifier is the effect. Did it endanger or cause people to fear for their lives? Did it cause terror? Yes? Well then yes, it is terrorism. It's not clearly known why Hasan did what he did, for political, religious or because of emotional issues- I hope this incident doesn't cause hardship for Muslim Americans, especially the thousands of America's sons and daughters who currently serve in the military. We can never overlook the sacrifices they've made