- May 29, 2009 -

I left work early today to go to the doctor today; for the last two years I've had some sort of digestive problem- any type of sugar causes me a lot of problems, and when I get sick I pretty much stop digesting food all together. I went to my general doctor, and then to digestive specialists... they pretty much did a lot of expensive surgical tests to look, and they'd constantly tell me that they could find nothing wrong.. finally they told me I had chronic IBS. I wasn't happy with this though... I don't see how being negative on what they tested me for can equate a positive conclusion. That, and when I google IBS I don't have hardly any of the symptoms for it. So now I'm trying a couple medications and will get some blood work done. Yay.

Last night I barbequed at Teresa's; pork chops, asparagus, and potatoes- it was delish! I look forward to living together, it will be so much fun to do more stuff like that.

- May 17, 2009 -

Last week was tough. Layoffs were announced, which just sucks... I hope the economy turns around soon... the stock market has been better the last couple months, and I do still have a job though, and Carrie still has her job, and later today she'll be graduating with her masters in education.

The garden is sprouting like crazy now I guess... Teresa, MaryLou and I have a veggie garden in pots