- March 28, 2010 -

Today I spent my time removing grass clumps from a flower bed in front, and planting some things I had wintering upstairs... now my hands hurt. The backyard seems kinda overwhelming now after spending all day on one small flower bed.



shug3-March 27, 2010 -

It's rainy and yucky today, mostly I spent the day cleaning and doing some shopping with Teresa. We got Shug a couple squeeky toys; she really seems to enjoy a racoon we got her. I also hung curtains in my bedroom.

- March 26, 2010 -

Another Friday is here, and so far I'm off to a productive start to the weekend.  I finished the laundry room adding the rest of the drain pipe and getting it all painted up.  I kinda ponder drywalling the one wall in there, but I think that's a project for a more distant time... perhaps next winter.  I dug more grass out of the flower beds and replanted it in spots in the yard that needed it more; I also planted some irises I got from Marilee and some cannas I got from Brent... I did some computer work on the side this week to earn some extra cash, and now I'm just cleaning house.


- March 21, 2010 -

This weekend the laundry room was my focal point; I used acid to etch the concrete floor, it was pretty dingy- enough so that we didn't want to walk on it barefoot, so I threw acid on it, it bubbled and smoked, and smelled quite noxious, rinsed it all down, and then painted it a nice battleship gray in two coats. That was my Friday night anyway I played my new computer game Sins of a Solar Empire while I waited for it to dry... I still have a couple things left to do with the drain, but it's pretty cool. That was pretty much my weekend- and then a lot of laundry was done (last week the dryer died so it was a good time to do the floor since I had to move the appliances out anyway.) We got the new (used) dryer from Darrell for just $25, what a deal! Teresa and I also watched a lot of Voyager episodes and did some shopping, it was a nice weekend.


- March 19, 2010 -

Gah! The dryer died last weekend so now I've got it dollied up ready to go and everything else out of the laundry room. I guess I wanted to paint the floor, and it's been one of those- "Gah, I'll have to move everything out of there to do that." so now that I pretty much have to do that anyway, I guess this weekend will be concrete floor painting time. The secondary part of "Gah!" is that the gas company came to tear up my front yard today... time for a new pipe from my meter to the street... I still have a mound in my backyard from where the sewer was repaired.

- March 18, 2010 -

I took off three hours early today and got a lot done... they're talking about maybe cutting our time 5% and closing state agencies at 3pm on Fridays. I think if it keeps everyone working it's a good thing, and after such a good afternoon off I'm not really too upset about it. My first flowers started blooming this week, MaryLou came over this afternoon to see Teresa's curtains and said they were crocuses. I spent the afternoon de-grassing the flower bed in front of the house and buying floor paint for the laundry room. Fun stuff!


- March 15, 2010 -shug

I'm now a dog owner, and have been for a couple weeks now. This is Shug.... she's a Beagle. My friend Ray had to move from the house he was renting to an apartment, and Shug was over the weight limit, and he had another dog and a cat, so I've taken her on. She's a pretty good dog, minus a few traits. We're breaking her of getting up on the furniture, except red chair downstairs. She goes out and just becomes a complete mud ball, so I'm trying to plant grass, and get her dog run in better shape, and repair all the fences... and wage a war against fleas. I haven't seen any yet, but I had bites on my hand I suspect were caused by fleas, so that's sparked a flea bath this weekend, and both she and Nekochan are going on Frontline for a few months- and I'll probably treat the yard next really well... and continue to treat the perimeter for forever. So much work.

Shug gets muddy, Shug gets bath, Nekochan watches Shug getting a bath.


To make up to Teresa, not that she really was upset about the dog, today we spent the afternoon getting curtains for her room. We went to several stores to get parts, and I had measured a few days ealier, so the measurements weren't quite remembered correctly resulting in having to buy a slightly longer set- but now I have a set of poles for the other bedroom too. We picked out some really nice "Thinsulate" curtains, which are supposed to reduce heating and cooling costs when they're closed, and they were so big in the package I thought there was a window's worth in both, but really they were just one side each.... and Target had only two so now we have to wait for two more to come in for the other window... but Teresa was quite pleased with the handiwork we accomplished.


- March 9, 2010 -

Gah, I must say I'm very peeved at Firefox which seems to have turned to junk over the last couple months, at least since version 3.5.7 came out and forward. After upgrading systems have had trouble shutting down because Firefox is still running (even when closed), or they report that Firefox is open and cannot be opened again, so it's a pain to go in and kill the process to restart.... if a user fails at logging in it will remember their last failed login and even after entering the correct login it will insert the mistyped version on subsequent attempts. Error messages on startup... not being able to operate open or display some websites as Firefox once could do- I've gotten a ton of complaints from users about it. For now; the only thing I can really do is install 3.0.18 and tell it not to update. I hate this from a security standpoint, but if it's between working and being so glitchy I'll take functionality. I'll give them a while more, but I'm now in the market to jump ship.