- March 22, 2008 -

Mostly today I did three things: Treadmill walk'n, nap'n, and cleaning. I did eight miles on the treadmill, that puts me at 47 miles for the week, but I might have a couple more left in me today.

- March 16, 2008 -

It's now week two of Walk Kansas; I managed to do 40 miles in my first week, only three of those were activity miles- you can claim 15 minutes of activity as a mile, but I consider that cheating somewhat, because it's very much up to the walker to decide the strenuousness level and how continuous it is- many 15 minute activities I don't really equate to being a mile- so 37 of my miles are actual miles, except for the three that everyone claimed for yoga- or maybe I won't count my yoga miles. I'm on the fence-

- March 9, 2008 -

Today is the first day of Walk Kansas which I'm a team captain for. Last year I was on the winning team (at least among the teams at work), so hopefully we'll be able to win again. To kick things off I hit the treadmill with my laptop... yep, my laptop. I loaded three episode of BSG on it and watched while I walked; I got 12.5 miles in!

- March 8, 2008 -

Chips Ahoy! has a new product out; Big and Soft cookies- They're just like home baked cookies! ...I ate an entire box today.

- March 6, 2008 -

There's a big hullabaloo about an air tanker contract the Air Force has created with a French company instead of going with Boeing. It's a huge contract and a lot of jobs are on the line, and now Congress is livid at the Pentagon and the Air Force for not taking our economy into account.... ....Really there's no one to blame but Congress itself though- It was they who passed a law saying that specific French company was to be treated and considered an American company, they completely tied the hands of the Air Force which set five areas to judge which refueling aircraft they would order, and Boeing lost in all five areas.