Quote of the Month:

"Logic is the cement of our civilization, with which we ascend from chaos,
using reason as our guide."
- T'Plana-Hath, Matron of Vulcan Philosophy.

Song of the Month: Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

- March 31, 2007 -

What a busy day, and what a busy month! Today was a cleaning frenzy day.

- March 27, 2007 -

There's a mystery on Saturn... There's a gianormus hexagon at the north pole.

Work today was ok, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, and the magazine came back with more corrections. I've not been sleeping well- and a number of other people have reported they've not been able to sleep too... we pondered it was the change in the weather. A nap I took the other day was probably my greatest error.

- March 25, 2007 -

Today I went to Mary Lou's and did some scraping on her garage with Teresa.

We all see a little differently- I'm a wee bit color blind and have trouble discerning brown from green when their hues get closer, and tiny color palettes always bug me... this is a very common thing among men... Nearly everyone has trichromatic vision, a red, green and blue cone in their eye that allows them to see millions of colors, but in some women a new color vision has been discovered Tetrachromatic Vision. They are born with a fourth cone, and depending on it's type, they are able to discern millions more colors than the rest of us. Another study showed that mice (which have dichromatic vision) could be genetically altered to have full color vision. I know people get antsy when one speaks of genetically altering human beings... but I wonder if this will ever be done to improve our vision to tetrachromatic or beyond into the infrared or ultra violet spectrum as some speices can.

- March 24, 2007 -

Yay, I got my tax checks back. State I got last week and the Federal one came today. I didn't get too much back this time, but it's always better than having to pay in!

I found this YouTube clip and thought it was funny, it's a take on the Mac commercials only it introduces a Linux persona.

- March 23, 2007 -

Pay Day, Yay! I was plexed by something on TV... The Insurance company All State had a commercial on and it put up an asterisk, and then later displayed "Not available in all states." ...I just found it... odd.

- March 18, 2007 - must be the most annoying website on the planet! I'm working on an old computer for Mickey.... I've had it for a good number of months and have not gotten it to do anything until tonight. My remaining problems are a few drivers that it could not find, so I went to the internet to find them after pulling the cards and Googling the numbers on them. Well, I found the network driver on the Linksys site, but for the modem I had to use it was very easy to find the right driver, but then you must register to download it, and to register you must tell them everything about yourself, and decline thirty pages worth of offers from software to home improvements. Mickey's computer seems very happy though. I still have Alex's to fix, one I purchased parts for and never got to work at all, this one that is just flippy and cannot be fixed (motherboard issues), and then Steve has a problem with hers...... ....and the modem on Angie's to figure out. I shall accept this single victory however as it is my only one. I also got Todd's to work, and Sue's ole Mac at work is purring like a kitten!

I had my camera at work the other day so I took a picture of my cube:

I installed Japanese keyboard input on my computer again- It's been years since I used it and that was on my old computer that's now at work (and that doesn't even have Windows on it any longer). Since I've been e-mailing some to Miyako I pondered it would be nice to have, and I'd like to learn more too. I downloaded Kimigayo, the national anthem of Japan- it's the shortest anthem of any country at only three lines, or 32 syllables. I ponder I'll practice saying and writing it.

- March 17, 2007 -

It was a busy week. I started to participate in Walk Kansas; fixed Todd's computer, it was your basic case if WinME crapping on itself and not being able to run; worked on the new magazine some; and I made various other computer house calls.

The President of Gambia claims to be curing AIDS patients in his country- The infected are stopping to take anti-viral drugs supplied by the UN, and are instead consuming an herbal remedy served out of an old Aunt Jemima syrup bottle. Patients report to being healed by the miraculous powers of the President via the potion that came to him in a dream.

On Mars the coming summer is breathing new life into the rovers which hibernated over the winter, and the Mars Express orbiter has determined that if the polar ice there melted it would be able to cover the surface in thirty feet of water.

- March 10, 2007 -

Today was my pickup day... I did laundry; inspected the water garden... one fish died over the winter and another is swimming funny, but mayhaps it will get better; exercised some; watched the remainder of TNG; and I got a hair cut.

- March 8, 2007 -

Thursday; mostly this last week I've worked on the new magazine, there haven't been many technical problems this week, so it's allowed me to get a lot done. Tonight Mickey, Bob and I went to eat at Paisano's... yummy.

Last month Dell created a forum for customers to write in and tell them what they wanted... and what they wanted by an overwhelming margin was Linux instead of Windows. Dell is very hesitant to offer this because they are very much under the thumb of Microsoft... Now HP appears to be considering offering Linux.

Egads, stocks have been bad this year... so far I'm nearly back to where I started in the market.

- March 3, 2007 -

Today Bob & I went to go see Eunjoo- it was a nice outting, we ate Chinese; and I showed her how to resize her baby photos so she can e-mail them to friends. Troy was very active... toddlers don't seem to have a middle state between hyper and sleeping.