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Favorite Song of the Month:

Crawlin - Linkin Park (Mike Shinoda Remix)

Quotes of the Month:

"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor,
it cannot save the few who are rich."
-John F. Kennedy

- March 30, 2006 -

EGADS! ... So, I was going to print a photo, but the printer reported to be out of cyan... so I got me a new cyan out, began to take off the protective packaging and squirt! Someone loaded the inker a little too full! It got me too, and now I look like an Iraqi voter!

- March 29, 2006 -

I renewed my domain today for two more years.

- March 28, 2006 -

Today I did 5K on the treadmill, and it took me 53 minutes 18 seconds... Why did it take me longer this time? Well before I was jogging with no incline, and this time I pondered since it's in Lawrence (the 5K Hilltop Hustle lots of people from work are going to walk/jog in) I should try it with more incline... After a tenth a mile I was like; "Whoa, a little incline makes a lot of difference."

Meeting notes were released in the UK involving the lead up to the Iraq war... in the notes it was revealed that President Bush was set on going to war before the case was presented to the international community, and that he wanted to go to war no matter what the rest of the world thought. Bush also had come up with plans to antagonize a conflict- One plan involved painting a US spy plane in UN colors, and then to fly it over Iraq to try and get them to shoot at it, and then once they did it would have been released that Saddam was trying to shoot down UN aircraft.

- March 26, 2006 -

The Learning Channel has an interesting new series: "Honey, We're Killing the Kids". In it they will take a family with poor eating habits, and then via the use of computer technology they will show what the children will look like later in life.

In Japan and the UK they test each cow for mad cow disease before it can enter the food supply. Next to their 100% testing, the US checks a little less- we test only one tenth of one percent! I find that rather disconcerting, considering that mad cow can be contracted and not exhibit symptoms for over a decade. Recently there was a single cow that tested positive here in the US.... So was it the only one that had the disease?

- March 25, 2006 -

Today I ran on the treadmill a bit, and worked on Carrie's laptop. It has been416 days since I last had to fix it.

The use of scarecrows in farming is being revived... The scarecrow is not in the form of a person filled with hay on a stick however; it's a life-size fiberglass killer whale. Aquaculture pens in the ocean for breeding fish can be decimated by seals which can break their way in and then eat their fill, and they've found that it can be much easier to harvest the captive fish than to hunt for them. Enter the seals' least favorite creature the killer whale- Farmers have started to make killer whale scarecrows to scare off the seals, and apparently it was a very effective idea as no seals have challenged them.

There are protests going on in the American Southwest over immigrant rights. There is a bill before Congress to build a more substantial barrier between the US and Mexico, to make it a felony to illegally enter the country, and to charge a tax to wire money to Mexico. The goal of the protest is to express outrage over the bill and for the legalization of the 12 million illegal immigrants that live in the country. I don't think making it a felony is perhaps the right thing, it's not like we're putting people who try to cross the border in prison, they get deported either way. I think we do need to secure the entire border however, crack down and deport illegal immigrants who are here, but also work on a fair guest worker program for those who are in Mexico, who want to come here and work legally. I do not feel that we should reward people who have broken the law to get here to work here. Mexico is pushing for a "more friendly" relationship with the US, though a bit hypocritical- they are against the building of a barrier and want a completely open border with us, yet they have walled off their southern border to keep out poorer Central Americans. Next to oil revenue, Mexico's second principal source of income is the money sent home by workers to their families.

- March 24, 2006 -

I walked dogs in the morning, ran just a wee bit on the treadmill... Smally has become a huge pain, she's regained her pep, and now wants to be held all the time. When I was on the treadmill she came running in and started barking at me to hold her. After that I went out and worked on the fish pond some, there was still a little snow on the ground in the backyard, but I'm ready for Spring. I got cold after a bit and came back in and a guy who lives down by our shop called; "Yeah, there was someone down at your shop taking a bumper off one of your cars a couple minutes ago." Egads! I called Mom as she was at the shelter a half block away.

During my time off I've played Homeworld 2 a few times, it's a 3D space combat game. Here my battlecruiser takes fire from an enemy missile frigate. You can build all sorts of ships in the game from tiny fighters to massive shipyards.

- March 23, 2006 -

Lets see... I'm half-way through my week off, and it's mostly been cold and meh outside. Yesterday morning I went to the shelter and walked the dogs, and then stayed to help clean and such, I ponder tomorrow I'll do the same. Perhaps tonight I'll make a to-do list.

- March 21, 2006 -

We didn't get nearly as much snow as they said we would, but it was still a good snow, and we really needed the moisture.

- March 20, 2006 -

It's snowing... doesn't it know that it's the first day of Spring? It snowed in the morning, drizzled some in the afternoon and now the big flakes are coming down, and we could get out largest snowfall of the year.

A man in Afghanistan was arrested for carrying a bible. Christianity isn't outlawed there, just converting to it is- and since he was born a Muslim, he is going to be put to death if he refuses to denounce Christianity by tomorrow. It makes one wonder how much really changed after freedom marched there.

- March 19, 2006 -

I cleaned out my fish aquarium today, walked the dogs at the shelter, cleaned the upstairs, and saw Teresa & Sara on the PBS pledge drive. I captured the broadcast... here Teresa seems to make some sort of mistake while talking on the phone, because she makes an "uh oh" face and then quickly hangs up. After that Sara leans in to give her some advice.

- March 16, 2006 -

Today Congress raised the ceiling on the national debt to $9,000,000,000,000.00, or $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the country, but I think mostly the kids are going to get stuck with paying off the bill. The vote was split along party lines with all Democrats and three Republicans voting against, and rest of the majority voting for the bill.

- March 14, 2006 -

Today I jogged 5K on the treadmill, though it took me 48.25 minutes.

- March 11, 2006 -

I agree with President Bush on something, I think Dubai should have been able to operate the port facilities they purchased from a London based company. Though ownership changed, everyone that worked there was going to be retained... pretty much nothing was to change. Republicans in Congress led the fight against the deal, which the Democrats seemed quite merry to follow along with, and finally they tied the bill against the ports deal in with spending for the Iraq war, (which I don't think any party should be allowed to do) and then Dubai pulled out of the deal agreeing to sell to an American company. I guess we will see if Congress takes up the issue again to actually work to bring more security to the ports. I think mostly the Republicans wanted to show that they were not all so connected to the President, as many will have to run again for office.

The Sci-Fi programming last night was great, but now it's over, Stargate won't come back until July, and Battlestar Galactica won't air again until October.

- March 6, 2006 -

Today I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned.... mmmm crunchy teeth. After that I came home and finished watching Voyager season 4.

- March 5, 2006 -

Sunday, today I ponder I'll start to tackle spring cleaning, my two projects I've already started it to go through my collection of old computer boxes and part, and all the stuff that is under my bed, and get rid of as much of it as I can.

I ran on the treadmill for half an hour today and went 2.7 miles.

Thursday after work I went to see Munich with Bob. It was pretty bloody, but was a very good movie I thought.

I forgot to put up a photo of the Japanese dinner night, so I pondered it'd be good to start March off with it. From left to right is Angie, me, Dennis, Brent, & Teresa.

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