Goal of the Month: To get caught up with everything I'm behind on.

- June 28, 2007 -

It was a good day; Reflections came back from the printer; It was pizza day for the final day of training in the digital imaging lab. We all went to the pizza buffet at Old Chicago, and the soup of the day was cheddar and broccoli (my favorite) and it came free with the meal... so I ate pizza, and then dipped the crust in the soup... It was SO GOOD, but then I was completely stuffed. After work I was supposed to go out to eat with Teresa, Bob & Mickey, but I just couldn't fathom eating again so I came home.

- June 27, 2007 -

I came home after work with the intent of taking dog pictures at the humane society, but half-way home it began to pour, so I decided instead to catch up on my sleep. I'd only been getting about six hours each night, and I like to catch up on the weekend, but last weekend I got even less sleep than I did during the week... so I went to bed a 7:30 and I slept all the way to 6am! I woke up a couple times in the night, but there wasn't too much tossing and turning.

- June 21, 2007 -

Today was a day to remember.. interesting things happened at work... I got lots done, it was actually a great day for me personally, but other people had a very bad day and I feel bad for them.

After work I went shopping with Teresa and we shoplifted! We didn't mean to... we went to Sears and I got her a birthday gift... and it was in the electronics department... but we meandered all over Sears looking for other things with the intent of paying at the end.... and then before we knew it we were in another store! ...We returned and I paid for the item though.

- June 20, 2007 -

Today is World Refugee Day, and Sweden is getting a lot of attention for what it is doing to give a new home to Iraqi refugees. Last year when the US accepted 300 people fleeing the war in Iraq 9,000 were welcomed to Sweden with the promise of a lifetime of free health care and education. Sweden was opposed to the war from the start, but now they are doing more than most countries to bring an end to the violence for those that want out of it.

- June 15, 2007 -

Friday! And when Friday coincides with pay day, and a good stock day- it's a great day! It was also just a good day. I made a web copy of the second issue of Reflections, so it is completely finished and put to bed. I also set up the Mac for the new graphic designer, selected some good stuff to buy with the year-end money, helped various people, and went to a review session today. It was not a good day for all though, two people lost the caps to their flash drives, and several hundred moths were killed. We've been swarmed by moths, and now they're getting stepped on and run over by carts and dying of old age all over the place. No one knows where they've come from, but it doesn't seem like they will last very long.

- June 13, 2007 -

I don't think my phone has ever rang as much as it did today. Lots of problems with the e-mail due to an update Microsoft put out, but I managed to get a lot done though... The new Mac for the graphic designer came in today and is in my cube awaiting software... I'd say it was a site to behold... but it looks like all the other Macs really.

After work I took the computers I fixed over the weekend back to Susan's and hooked up the printer and internet.

- June 7, 2007 -

A super-busy but good day. I peeked in on the Microfilm lab a few times, worked on Reflections and I think I'm nearly mostly almost done with the second issue, I took one of the state cars out with Art to test the VPN, and I got a labtop ready... there's some other stuff too.

- June 3, 2007 -

This morning I woke up to Carrie yelling: "There's a cat on the roof." One of the neighbors has a cat, it's less than a year old though cause it's not that big yet, and apparently it was on our porch when all the dogs went out, so it climbed the privacy fence and went onto the roof, so I had to get a chair and get it down... Then I proceeded to give it some love and got covered in hair worse than I ever have before.

The kitty stayed around all day, but I think it has gone home now, or at least to it's other temporary home. Mom said the neighbors weren't really taking care of it, and they said it had been dumped at their house. The shelter doesn't take in cats as it's all Mom and Betty can do to keep up with all of the dogs.

Carrie took Chichi home with her tonight since she is out of school now and has more time to take care of her- Weazer didn't take well to it though and she howled and cried for some time when they left. Carrie once tried to take them both, but Weazer would cry all night.

- June 2, 2007 -

All of my Monthly To Do's last month I completed, probably because I didn't list too much.

Focus; that is what I lack. I have so many things I need to get done, so many things I want to do, and with all of them I sit down and start in... and quickly I become side-tracked, plexed, or frustrated by one thing or another and everything grinds to a halt. There are some people who are left-brained and are better at creative tasks, and then there are the right-brained sorts who are better at the analytical, and then there are the people that fall in between. I have a degree in graphic design, but wound up working in IT... I feel that I'm pretty good at doing a lot of different things, but I really don't excel at anything in particular.

Right now I have a number of things on my plate that I've been dividing my attention between. The digital imaging training at work I've spent the most time on recently- It gives me very little to discuss at the weekly tech meeting as I tend to condense the planning for lessons, giving the lessons, helping them through the lessons, & review of lessons down to: "I've mostly done training stuff." ...The guys downstairs are really doing well though. Besides that I've been working on the second issue of Reflections, and helping with the random tech problems that come my way. I also need to ponder up something pretty for a Kansas Memory site design, which I've not been able to spend much time on, and when I have I've not really liked what I've come up with. I've also been messing with Power Point and video editing. Friday I did manage to figure out the mystery of why my Linux system didn't have sound... It was the first computer I built years ago, and I had a sound card in it when I first put it together until a year ago, when I put Ubuntu on it, but it also had onboard audio, which I thought Ubuntu just wasn't able to find the right drivers for, but I peroozed the web some last weekend and found several commands that would help me try to find out where the problem was, and I discovered that the motherboard BIOS had the sound disabled, (which it probably did when I inserted the other sound card years ago.) I had just settled for not having sound on it, but I wanted to try some Linux software for converting video, but without a recognized sound card you can't open any audio or video, so with that as a catalyst I finally figured it out.

At home I seem to get the least done... probably having the TV in a window right next to where I'm working is not the best for productivity. I started to work on the Heavenly Pet Memorials website, which I'm also yet-to-be inspired on a design for, and I put together a couple different ads this weekend.

- June 1, 2007 -

I had planned to go home and watch Sci-Fi Friday, but everyone was going to Matt & Judy's for a house concert, so I pondered I'd go along. We ate at a new Italian restaurant on Mass Street- it was actually their opening night, and though I do detest the fancy establishments where I find it difficult to pronounce or pick something off the menu- I must say I really liked what I had... I forget what it was called, but it was yummy. Some sort of wide noodle with sausage and some sort of sauce. There were a number of mistakes in the orders though and it took a little too long.

The concert was very good though I had to fight to stay awake, and as I was hoping to get back to the Sci-Fi Friday for the later showing I came home with Mary Lou at intermission. She dropped me off at my car, which is left at work, and we saw lots of lightning bugs, and a couple deer ran out, one was just a baby... I was in my car following Mary Lou at that point, and they ran out in front of her so I couldn't see as well, but it was so tiny and cute.