Goal of the Month: To get caught up with everything I'm behind on.

Song of the Month: Linkin Park - What I've Done

- July 29, 2007 -

It was a good weekend; Saturday Lin & Brian took Mary Lou, Teresa, the rest of the Fredericksen clan and myself out to eat at Red Lobster for lunch. After lunch Teresa & I moved Lou's furniture back into the bedroom that Donna had painted... and then we raced to meet up with Letha to go to a house concert at Matt's. We went out to eat at Zen Zero first, and I had the yellow curry, which I've not been as happy with lately at Tuptim Thai because of its runniness, but Zen Zero's was perfect. The concert was very good, but was kinda long.

Today I did a few things on the computer, scanned some stuff, edited some pictures I took yesterday, made an ad for the humane society, and I ran 10K on the treadmill.

- July 24, 2007 -

Meh, the rebate site for one of the video cards I ordered didn't work... it just rejects my rebate number... only $20 it was, but I found it worthy of shooting TigerDirect an e-mail... they've always been my go-to technology source, but in more recent times I've not been as happy with them. Course the rebate isn't really their fault... they got supplied the number and form and don't have much to do about it, but I found it a good opportunity to write um a "You need to do a few things better" letter.

- July 23, 2007 -

CNN held the YouTube Democratic debate tonight... I'm not sure what I think about the format, I guess I liked the format, I just wished they would have narrowed the gamut of questions to the more serious ones. I was kinda surprised that they only got 3000 questions. I don't really have an ultamate favorite, but if I had to put them all in order: Edwards, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, Richardson, Gravel- but I don't really like the last three very much.

It was a good Monday, Teresa & I went out to Chipotle for lunch with Wendy today. Most of my work day I spent giving out all but the last new computer- and dealing with new computer issues.

- July 22, 2007 -

It's been a productive weekend; Saturday I got more of my normal weekend chores done, and last night I stayed up and worked on the Heavenly Pet Memorials website, mostly just the overall design. I found some very nifty free css templates, and then I rebuilt one with my own images. I still have a lot more to learn about the css- a lot.

A year ago last month I got into the stock market, and initially I lost quite a bit... If I would have gotten in a couple months later things would have been better- but it is good to see how things go up and down- a good reality check right off the bat is good for anyone I guess, too much initial success could make you do more risky things I guess. So far I've been lucky enough to get an 18.3% return on what I invested.

Today I did my normal 10K (6.13 miles) on the treadmill- normally I run half, and briskly walk the rest, but today I ran the entire way.

The first battered women's shelter opened in Bethlehem, it's the first of its kind in Palestine, or anywhere else in the Arab world.

- July 19, 2007 -

Sorry I've been a bad blogger this month.

I saw Harry Potter this week. I've not read the books, but I've seen most of the movies I think, and I'd rate this one highly for the series.

I've been incredibly busy at work lately with the new computers. I have four left which are ready, but I'm just waiting to know who the users will be. I've gotten a lot more calls than normal this week- Tomorrow I shall take a 15 minute break even if the world is going to explode! Maybe I'll take a day off sometime... I want it to be a day that isn't super hot though.

I've gotten some new technology this week... a four gig flash drive, cause 1GB never seems large enough, a dual DVI video card, RAM, and processor for a system I started to build a year ago, but when it wouldn't work I pushed it to a corner and gave up on it. Sometimes building a computer can suck... like when it doesn't work, and you can't figure out why it just doesn't work, cause all the parts a new, and you put them together... so is one defective? Did some'n go wrong somewhere with a wire, jumper, or something somewhere? And then you have the junky; What next... Cause if you can't figure out which part is broke, how do you return it? Well, I finally discovered it was the processor, and now the system works. Not that I've put a hard drive in it yet- but it boots! Now what to do with it.... When I started to build it the second computer I put was not working so well, but I since fixed that- If everything were perfect I'd have the new one be my sole Windows system, and one of the others run Linux, but I'm not sure how fond I am of the idea of trying to migrate my Windows license, as I've heard that can be a real pain. I also got a new video card for my Linux system at work... the fan on it quacks every now and then- The new video cards just have big heat sinks.

- July 9, 2007 -

Monday, back to work. It was mostly a good day- there were a number of plexing problems though. Not the sort of difficult problem I can learn from, more of a sort that defies logic and reason.

After work Teresa & I went to the dollar show and saw The Invisible.... It was her idea, and I was mostly pondering it wouldn't be good, but I must say I was proven wrong, yup, the best movie I've seen in some time!

This weekend I got a lot done on Saturday, but Sunday was filled mostly with watching TV and taking naps.

Friday after work Bob, Teresa and I went to see Transformers- Teresa was the most gung-ho to see it, and she really disliked it- Bob and I however liked it, though there were parts that I would have done differently... If you don't want to see a lot of robot fight scenes, this movie might not be for you.

- July 5, 2007 -

Wow, busy week. Today seventeen new computers and six laptops came in, so I have some setting up to do. For the 4th of July I went with Teresa & Mary Lou to Pat's house, which is somewhat near Lake Sherwood, so we could see the fireworks there, and all the neighbors must have spent thousands on their own personal displays. It was nice to have Wednesday off too- Now after one day back the weekend is just another day away! Tuesday night I went with Teresa and Lou to the movie Disturbia, a scary one about a teen that was put on house arrest and he begins to watch all the neighbors only to discover that one of them is a serial killer. I found it to be a very good movie.

- July 1, 2007 -

Sunday, today I went to Topeka and Teresa, Bob and I went to the zoo. I thought it was well worth the admission! It's been a few years since I've been there, and they've made a lot of improvements since the last time I went. We then ventured over to Sam's Club where they are having a "you don't need to be a member this week" thing going on... we purchased like $30 worth of juice, and a few other things... I don't think the deals were all that better than Wal-Mart really, and they don't accept Visa, and they go through all your stuff between the checkout and the door to make sure you paid for what you got, and it just seemed meh. We then went over to MaryLou's and together went to Blades of Glory, which was a decent movie, and it was at the dollar theater.