- January 31, 2011 -

Teresa and I took a half day today to hunker down for Snowpocalypse III that will be blanketing the country in a sheet of ice!

- January 28, 2011 -

It was a big day at work today- Governor Brownback came to open the sale of the Kansas 150 stamp, so there was quite the media event. I got more stamps than what I'll probably need for the next several years, and got a postmarked stamp signed by the panel of respected Kansans. Quite nifty.

- January 11, 2011 -

We got to come in an hour late today, which was kinda nice of the new Governor.... Bradley left today for Colorado to collaborate on some river ecology papers, or a book, or some'n. He reported that it was very pretty at the cabin they're using and promised to bring me home a nice rock for the aquarium no matter how much snow he had to dig through to get it. What a guy!

- January 10, 2011 -

SNOWPOCALYPSE! It snowed all night and is still snowing- like twenty four hours of snow! Teresa and I took today off to play and care for the kids. Nekochan had his fang extracted, and had his ear looked at; he's had problems his whole life with his ears, so I guess if there were a day to sit around at home it was good to be able to not have to drive around from home to work to the vet's office today. It was enough just to drive to and from the vet's today twice. Nei is still woozy, but I got him to purr a little, so he must not completely hate me, and he's been trying to nibble on his food.

- January 9, 2011 -

I've pondered getting one for a while, but last night I got a home gym. There was a good deal on one at Sears and Brad and I had looked around for one that did everything and it seemed the best value for the most exercises. The putting it together part was the hard part though- it took us over a day, we did stop to sleep and eat mind you though. It was missing a few parts of lesser importance, which I need to call in now.

A new Vietnamese place opened up a few blocks away where Buddy's use to be; Brad and I went yesterday, and went back today. I hope they stay in business! They're really good! It's on 10th street across from the Burger King- Kim's...

- January 1, 2011 -

Happy New Year! Last night we had a party over at Lin's, played Crainium; Brad and I did well, but narrowly lost at the end.