- January 25, 2009 -

It's 2009, I've been bad about blogging, and I've been very busy. We now have a new President! Barack Obama took the oath of office just days ago and I feel a renewed sense of hope that the next four years will be transformational for our country.

I've been swapped with broken computers and people to help- I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though. One more week of work and then next week I go on my sites trip to Hollenberg Pony Express, Pawnee Indian Museum, Ft. Hays, Cottonwood Ranch and Kaw Mission. After my previous site trips I'm pretty eager to get out there.

It seems everyone at work is now on Facebook which makes it much more fun... I took a new profile picture last week.

- January 1, 2009 -

A new year! I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be a great year too... perhaps that's just in contrast to 2008 which most consider a pretty meh year. There were some good points to the year though... I joined Facebook, got back in touch with a lot of old friends, and made some very good new friends as well; I feel that I've grown because of it, I got Raider, my iPod Touch, new computer, saved more for a house, 2008 for me was a year of transitions, or at least preparing for great transitions.

This year's New Year's Eve party was at Bob's house, but late last night I got sick, so I stayed home from work and spent the night watching TV.