Quote of the Month:

"640K (of RAM) ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981.

Song of the Month:

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You into the Dark

- January 31, 2007 -

Not really quite as bad today... There were connection problems again, but not quite as bad. It snowed today... I hate snow... I hate driving in snow mostly, but at lunch I went over to Brent's as I needed to take a few hours off work due to my Sunday hours; so I looked at Brent's computer and we talked about his photo site some.

- January 30, 2007 -

It was the worst day ever! ...part II. Well, I guess it wasn't that bad... I guess the server could have completely blown up- that would be bad, but there were a lot of login troubles this morning... lots of very intermittent connection difficulties

- January 29, 2007 -

Tonight I set up a new website for our Fans of Jayne fanclub! I got the domain name last night and then I did the setup for the space tonight... I always forget how to set up a new site that it takes me a while to figure out... and I also made a coming soon page.

I think everything that could go wrong today did! It would appear that only people with admin access could log onto the server... so it worked just peachy when we tested it... but in the morning when I arrived nobody else could log in. Jesse came in though and fixed things up.... And in the afternoon file armageddon occurred in the afternoon.... ...the end-time when all files which have died shall walk again. Everything that has been deleted in the last untold number of months was restored in the server move. AND everyone had the day to alter the files.... that means we have a server full of files from Friday... just as everything was Friday... and then a copy of everything on the new server, with those Friday files... but with also old junky files.... and also new files: SO, we cannot use just one copy or the other.... divergent copies is what we have! Jesse and I began to furiously sort files... but I found it all very comparable to.... *ponders* Giving each person on the Titanic a thimble so they could try and bail water to save the ship. ....we're not actually sinking though.... we're much more like an overloaded garbage scow! I found a nifty little program for sorting files though.... I hope it will be able to expedite matters... I forget the name... but it compares two folders for differences, and it can separate out files that don't exist in one location.... which is how we can get rid of the junk. Tomorrow I'll have to assimilate more computers into a file sorting unimatrix!

Tonight I watched Fearless... it was a good movie... but... I kinda wonder just how much of the meaning was altered by the translators.... but knowledge of Chinese is very limited... but I know "Xia Xia" (pronounced Shay-Shay) is "Thank you" But when the English appeared below it said.... "Your Victory." I just kinda wondered if the easy words I know are off; what about all those other words?

- January 28, 2007 -

Server things went well today... at least so far. The old server is powered down and the new one is running and pretending that it's the old one... and the rest of the network doesn't seem to know the difference, except there's more room to store things.

- January 27, 2007 -

Saturday... It got cold again, and it even snowed a little here today, but it didn't seem to accumulate at all. Tomorrow I'm going to work to help change out the server, so since this could be my only down day I spent it doing chores about the house... and playing on the computer, I also made a new desktop wallpaper for my Windows system at work.

- January 25, 2007 -

We ate out with Sandy tonight at the Texas Roadhouse, we being Bob, Teresa, Mickey, Kristen and I. I've never eaten there before, and I always dislike places I've never been before cause I never know what to order.... but it was superb! I give the chicken critters with honey mustard five out of five stars.

Grandma has been in the hospital for a week now, and it doesn't seem as if she has improved much. Mom said today she called her to come and pick her up, and she had removed her IV's... suffice it to say she's not well enough to go home, and she's disorientated as to where she really is.

After getting home from Sandy-time I watched some of Sara's TNG season five DVDs, made a newspaper ad for the humane society, and made a desktop wallpaper for my Linux computer at work. I ponder "Positron" is a good name for it, though I'm not fully certain on how to rename it's actual name from "Craig-desktop" which is what it appears as in the workgroup.

- January 24, 2007 -

Today was Jesse's birthday... I suspected something was afoot when I saw the huge cart-o-doughnuts in his doorway.

Wow, I moved my website last month, and today I saw that my old webhost died (the server) ... I had been hosted on for a decade or more, so it was quite fortuitous that I randomly decided to move from my former home when I did.

Susan (Shaw) stopped in today and dropped me off a envelope of pictures and some work to do... which is what I'm doing up now at eleven... Craig's going to be sleepy tomorrow! It's the traditional Brennan ads. She's been doing a lot of ads, voice overs and such, so I hear her all the time now... She got a job at KSNT six months or so ago.

I've done some nifty Linux stuff... I downloaded and installed FireFox 2... it's not as easy when you type all the commands to carry it out, I also installed Perl, MySQL, and Samba for doing more commands, databases, and sharing files... I can now easily move files to and fro from the Windows to Ubuntu system. Despite all my reading and learning and sighing and crying... the entirety of my Linux knowledge consumes 8.5kb in a text file which I keep my notes in. It's amazing how insignificant one's synaptic patterns are when are when the sum of their knowledge is so easily stored! What I wouldn't give to have a the ability to store a text file in my brain... even if it were only one megabyte... I could store all my passwords there... many an important tidbit I could save there!

- January 23, 2007 -

I'm watching the State of the Union address... I may rarely agree with the President, but I feel it's important to watch no matter; there have been some good ideas put forward such as doubling the strategic petroleum reserves (which is only good if they open it up when oil prices skyrocket), funding medical relief in Africa, talk of ramping up incentives for production of alternative fuels provoked a down-right giddy clapping frenzy from a Senator of Iowa.. though there was no mention of algae for bio-diesel and that makes me mad. That Nancy Pelosi is a quick standing applauser! Normally it's the Republicans showering Bush with applause... but when Bush would say something positive; such as that we owe those on the front line on the war on terror our greatest thanks... she'd beat Cheney off the line and leave him in the dust..... course he isn't the most lively I guess.

What a day! The morning was just crazy and I spent almost three hours on the phone with a lady from Quickbooks... it was a good day though... all problems were fixed, and the stocks were up.

- January 21, 2007 -

It finally seems like Christmas! I think this is the first real snow we got; the first one that was deep enough that it covered everything in nothing but snow. I got up this morning and scooped the sidewalks.

- January 18, 2007 -

Craig Cooper is back from India; I just saw a couple of his photos but they looked really nifty... one of the hard drives in his Mac corrupted itself while he was gone though, so I messed around with it this morning. The rest of the day I spent running about on more minor things and learning Linux some.

The NYC trip is a done deal now... we're going April 12-16th! We've got the hotel, plane and play booked! All that is left is to plan out the places we want to see, and pack.... and wait a few months.

- January 14, 2007 -

Teresa told me that we've got the tickets to Wicked so it looks like we've got an exact date on the NYC trip! Jayne was added to the Wicked cast pag, but they still don't have her picture up. Wicked is the highest grossing Broadway play ever!

- January 13, 2007 -

So far very little has really been accomplished this weekend... I did get Teresa's computer Mojo back in happy working order, and I got a haircut... but other than that I've like napped and played on the computer and such.

- January 11, 2007 -

Another busy but productive day, and today I figured out how to mount a fat formatted drive on my Linux system... I cannot ponder why I was so plexed by that before. After work Mickey, Bob, Teresa and I went to Paisano's for the night's sup... we had a weird waiter though.

The UK top 40 charts have changed their rules for what makes a "Top 40" song; They've added top downloaded songs into the fray, and the record industry has become a little nervous... Nothing has hurt the big labels more since illegal P2P downloading transformed into legal downloading services. ...And now in the UK for the first time an unsigned band without a recording contract has bi-passed the entire industry to go from garage band to national stars without a label.

- January 10, 2007 -

It was the best of times... it was the worst of times... It's been a good week, it seems like I've got a whole lot done, though now the things on the to-do list are stacking up so quickly that I'm really falling behind. Poor Teresa's computer still isn't happy for some reason. It will report that it was improperly shutdown and must run scandisk, which it does and gets half-way through, but then it says that there are errors it cannot fix, but to run scandisk in Windows on it to repair it.... it then proceeds to boot into Windows but fails. Tonight I took the drive out and ran scandisk on it from another computer, but now it's really cranky... and Teresa's computer is in the mix with six other computers I now need to fix.

At work I've going though Linux lessons at I think they're pretty well-written and easy to follow. I find it very agreeable that there is an educational aspect to my job- any IT job is going to be that way though... course my day was not full of lounging about reading about Linux commands- THOUGH, I must point out that I am eternally thankful to Art who took it upon himself to tear the arms off my chair and replace them with non-junky ones! It makes happy lounging much more fun! -not that I do lounge about.... but anyway, it was a great day cause through all the calls and problems everything was happy and fixed. Now if I could only say that about all the computers around here.

- January 7, 2007 -

Christie has now jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

MaryLou's sister Jayne Houdyshell is now staring on Broadway in Wicked, and we're making plans to go see her in April! It started out as April, and then it went to June, and then to early May, and now it's back to April.

- January 6, 2007 -

A rampant wave of violent crime is taking place in Topeka, and it scares me because Teresa is caught up in it! Yesterday she stole her first car and now she's getting pretty good at it I think. Since her computer is with me waiting for a new power supply to arrive Teresa started to play Grand Theft Auto III on my laptop.

- January 3, 2007 -

Back to work, and it was a good day I guess, fairly nominal, but nominal is good. This weekend Mojo (the computer I sold off to Teresa some time ago) (Mojo is what she renamed it from Tsuyoshi) died! Leave it to Teresa to break it in a manner I've never seen before. Its symptoms were interesting... anytime it was exposed to a power source it would turn on, and the power button would just blink and it'd make an audible thumping sound from the internal and external speakers, and did not start up any of the drives or send a signal from the video card. I brought it home with me and left my laptop for Teresa to play on.... which she seems to be as happy as a clam to have. All I have left to do is order a power supply that will actually fit in the old HP and it will be happy again- if only all computers were so easy to figure out.

After three full months on strike Dad returned to work today at Goodyear, and not a single car problem did anyone have until the weekend before, in which the timing chain in my car died. I drove the truck to work today... meh.

- January 2, 2007 -

I have today off for President Ford's funeral which I watched on TV- other than that I did not do very much today... watched some TNG, went over to Grandma's and helped her find the remote, watched more TNG...

- January 1, 2007 -

The coming of the new year also marks the 3000th soldier lost in the war in Iraq. Saddam has been put to death- deservedly so, but it appears that it's only going to be the cause of more fighting between the Sunni and Shia.