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Quote of the Month:

"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the
guise of fighting a foreign power.
" -James Madison

Interesting Factoid of the Month:

The slogan on New Hampshire license plates is 'Live Free or Die'. These license plates are manufactured by prisoners in the state prison in Concord.

Favorite Movie of the Month:

Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away - I borrowed the DVD from Sandy.

- January 30, 2006 -

I worked on Brent's photography website mostly this weekend, and today I cleaned- and dusted. There are areas of my computer desk in the back that have never been dusted I think- there are so many cords and obstacles to dusting, that allowed it to get so bad.

A global climate change report has been created by the UK government showing that the current rise in global temperatures is causing the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, which in result will raise the ocean level by 23 feet over the next 1000 years.

Exxon Mobil has posted their fourth quarter profits at 10.71 billion dollars (36.13 billion of the year). This is the largest profit margin of any company ever.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal Polls are in: 39% of Americans approve of how Bush has run the country.

I organized my taxes today- no actual forms have been filled out just yet, but it's a step.

- January 28, 2006 -

Today Teresa and I did a groupshots shoot with Brent, and it was a super early one, I had to leave home at 5:40 to get there. Teresa and I waited in the parking lot and nobody at all was there, and then a lady came and opened the church. By 7:00 we were starting to get concerned and called to wake Brent up. We were ten minutes behind schedule all day.

After the photo shoot Teresa and I had lunch and played Nintendo for a bit- and then I came home and took a long nap.

- January 26, 2006 -

Today was a good day, I worked half a day, and then after that Teresa and I went to the KFC... KFC is the greatest. After that we went back to Teresa's and played Nintendo, the original Nintendo. We played Super Contra, Paperboy (and after a bit of a bad start I won) and then we played the SuperMario Brothers 3. It was getting late, so I unplugged the Nintendo from the TV, and hopefully it will stay on until we can finish.

- January 23, 2006 -

Bush is in Manhattan today giving a lecture at K-State, he also mentioned that the troops were on their way back to Ft. Riley now- since the timing of both was known ahead of time I found the applause over it to be somewhat pondersome. I wonder if he also plans his appearances to coincide with new troop deployments.

- January 21, 2006 -

Saturday, went to work today- it snowed last night, but just a little, and the roads were good. At work I shifted film, and it took the entire day. After that I was very tired, so I came home and took a nap.

- January 18, 2006 -

Went to work, it was pretty slow, so I did the ILL mostly. After work I went over to Brent's to help him with his photography marketing. I finished his brochure, and tomorrow night I'll do his website.

- January 17, 2006 -

My host family got the package today, in nine days! I'm thinking the lady at the post office put it in the airmail bin by accident- either that, or they used the new super fast cargo ship.

- January 14, 2006 -

I dog/house sat for Bob this weekend- We went out to eat at the Spangles with Teresa before he left, and then Teresa and I went shopping, I got a new pair of shoes and pants.

- January 11, 2006 -

A new galaxy was discovered, it's actually the closest galaxy to our own, and is quite large. The reason we seemed to have overlooked this new galaxy for so many years is because it has been in the process of collision with our own galaxy for millions of years.

Pluto... is it a planet, or is it something else? How many planets are there? Nine? Ten? Eight? A new planet was discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto, if they will decide that it is a planet that is. It's three times the size of Pluto, and also has a moon, so if Pluto is a planet, the new object should be as well. Consider this, at one point in time, there were thirteen planets, and new planets were being found quicker than they could come up with names. It took a while, but all these extra planets were "de-planetized" and declared asteroids later on. Pluto, and the new planet are in the Kuiper Belt, a region of many comets- their composition also appears to be similar to comets- Pluto also has an irregular orbit, part of the time it travels inside the path of Neptune, and if Pluto came closer to the sun in its orbit, it would create a tail. I feel the discovery of the new object is the beginning of the end for Pluto's planetary recognition- Many don't feel that it is a planet already, but as more and more similar objects are found, many possibly larger than Pluto- they are all destined to become noted comets.

- January 10, 2006 -

Worked today- Went to lunch with Teresa, we went to a Quizno's, and it was kinda funny. It was just a Quizno's kiosk at Kelly's- so their menu was very limited two what we had picked from the online menu, so we went with some sort of chicken sandwich. We tend to just get the long one and split it, so we ordered the one sandwich and waited and waited... and then the teller came out and said: "Here's a ham and turkey blah-ba-dee-da." and I think we probably looked at him funny cause it was not what we ordered and we were the only customers, and then without us saying anything he said: "Yeah, um, I sorta dropped the chicken." He offered to make us one with chicken instead if we could wait, but we took the alternative sandwich he spontaneously made us after the chicken was dirtied. We didn't really care, cause we were really randomly picking anyway, it was a funny story to tell when we got back to work- though everyone told us we should have been more demanding. It was delicious though.

- January 9, 2006 -

The FTP server has been down the last few days, so I've not been able to upload my blog, but it's ok since I've not had that much going on I guess. My plans this week are to get a hair cut, go shoe shopping with Teresa- and mayhaps for other stuff.

Today I mailed a package to my host family and I forgot how much of an ordeal sending international mail was. I went to the post office and got in line- the place was packed with people getting two cent stamps. When I got to the desk the lady gave me the shipping form/customs sheet to fill out, so I went back to a work area to fill it out, and I've been filling the box up over the span of a couple months, so I don't fully remember the exact specifics of everything inside... So I get that done and go back to the line and then when I get to the desk the lady reads me the list of things I'm not allowed to send, coins being one, and I'd put several of the Kansas State quarters in it... They gave me a new customs form and I came home and opened it up and removed all the offending items. So now it is off, and on its way to the other side of the planet- very slowly via surface means.

- January 5, 2006 -

Went to work, it was Lin's birthday so there was cake, yummy cake. Teresa demands I put more New Years photos up, she can be so demanding... she always says she wants to read more about Teresa in my blog.

- January 2, 2006 -

Today I got up and walked the dogs- they seem to be getting more help at the humane society, and fewer dogs now, so I think I only walked perhaps four of them before I came back home.

- January 1, 2006 -

For New Year's Eve I went to Teresa's new place, for her New Year/House-warming party. There were thirteen of us that stayed to see midnight and play games, but there seemed to be just as many who came to see the place. Teresa made two huge lasagnas, and everyone brought way more food than was needed. We played pictionary, taboo and another game I forget the name of.

When the ball dropped we all made a mess of the place with the little firecrackers that shoot streamers and confetti... I think it would have been funny if we would have left then to leave the mess- but everyone jumped in and cleaned the place up in just minutes. I hope this year we can have more game nights.

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