- February 17, 2009 -

Teresa and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight. Not exactly uplifting... but these are not exactly uplifting times, and sometimes it's good to have glimpse into another world where the situation really is grim and hopeless to realize just how good you have it.

- February 14, 2009 -

Valentine's Day; Today I went in to work for a bit, Teresa was actually working today so after she locked up we went to Lawrence and saw Milk... it was very good, more important to see to learn what happened, certainly not the sort of movie that I'm on the edge of the seat or crazy over.

- February 7, 2009 -

The 3rd, 4th & 5th I went on my big sites trip. Early last month I took computers to Shawnee Indian Mission and Grinter Place, but this time I made a 21 county road trip to Hollenberg Pony Express Station, Pawnee Indian Museum, Fort Hays & Cottonwood Ranch. Jesse and I loaded up the Suburban Monday and I drove it home that afternoon and then Tuesday morning I set off for Hollenberg. There was a horrible accident on Highway 75 the night before so I had to take a detour and had to stop to look at a map once just to make sure I was headed the right direction. I wish it was warmer and that I had more time to enjoy the trip, cause I kinda got caught up in staying on schedule. Hollenberg and Pawnee Indian Museum went great, I got a tour at Pawnee.... it was the only one I toured to any degree, and I also picked up a cold. I got to Hays around night fall, found Trent's apartment, we ate, he showed me around the airport, we played some Smash Brothers.... Day one of my trip was actually pretty awesome, everything went as planned. Day two.... it wasn't so great. I started to get sick, and there were just a number of technical problems that forced me to cancel on day three at Kaw Mission so I could have another day 2 pt II.