- December 16, 2008 -

Snow day! It was snowing today and they'd not cleared the highway so I stayed home but I got a lot of stuff done. First I went back home after starting out and called and left a message for Jesse and then went back to bed. After my morning nap I e-mailed some with my co-workers, and then started some laundry and out to scoop the walks I went! It seemed like we got a good six inches. I was at that for about an hour probably and then I came in and started another load of laundry, did the dishes, then ran five miles on the treadmill. The last portion of my day I played on the computer and watched TV. *claps*

- December 13, 2008 -

Christmas is rapidly approaching! Yesterday Teresa and I used our digressionary day to take off work to get some stuff done- and what a nice day to do so!

We finally took care of her birthday gift from me to her (Ok, it's been a number of months...) but what she really wanted was another key for her car which is difficult for me to do which she only had the one, so we took her car to the dealer to do that and went shopping while we waited to do some Christmas shopping. Her key was going to be Teresa's birthday and Christmas, but it ended up being only $35 or so, so now I'm got to ponder a Christmas gift for her too.

After we got her car back- both were so dirty that we pulled them into her alley and washed them, it was just warm enough, and her landlord have hot water hooked up to the hose so that was great.

In the evening we watched Elf while I wrapped all the gifts- it's nice that all those years of origami have paid off for some'n.

Today I slept in late, chatted online some, wrapped some more gifts, and now I'm watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth... It was on Discovery.

One of his graphs showed fuel efficiency standards, and how the US has the lowest standards in the developed world. Here we require cars to get 23 miles per gallon while China, Australia & Canada range from 30 to 37mpg as their lowest standard. Japan and the EU are now at 40-45mpg. California is putting their own mpg standards into law and are being sued by the auto industry for it; even though their standards still lag behind what even China requires; it's no wonder American auto makers have such a difficult time competing. Despite all the failings of the American auto industry I'm certainly for the bailout for them. I think this is just what was needed to force them to do business as the country needs them to- They need to not just compete for the American market, but act in a manner that is competitive with the rest of the world, and that means being more environmentally friendly, and still producing a high quality product.

- December 2, 2008 -

Tonight Teresa and I went over to MaryLou's house to look at her e-mail, but it turned out to not be that big of a problem, so we ordered Domino's and then set up her Christmas Tree. We're going to have Christmas over at her house this year and New Year's over at Bob's. Molly, MaryLou's kitty seemed to enjoy having a tree inside, but we'll have to see if it becomes a problem- we were careful not to put any ornaments that seemed too breakable down low, so unless she's able to take the whole tree down things should be okay.