- Aug 31, 2009 -

Last night there was a birthday party for me at MaryLou's house... it was just a good ole-fashioned birthday party/game night. We played Bananas and Balderdash... I didn't win any games, but it was a good night none-the-less, though I think from now on I'm going to have to make the rule that if it's my birthday we have to play pictionary. For my birthday I got a lot of nifty things, included in them were a couple bags of rubber bands! i ask for them every year, but never get them- I immediately added them to my rubber band ball which is now basketball sized and 100 times as heavy- though it seems to bounce almost as well as a basketball. The outer coating of bands was getting very old and had started to snap so it was starting to look pretty shabby.... it's now sixteen years old!

- Aug 3, 2009 -

Today Teresa and I continued Staycation 09 by going to Atchison- well, we really set out to take a scenic tour of glaciated N.E. Kansas, but we got to Atchison and stayed there the entire afternoon. We saw several historic homes, toured a couple- including the Amelia Earhart childhood home, we also took in the railroad museum there.