Goal of the Month: To stop trying to get caught up with everything, and fix Steve's computer.

- August 30, 2007 -

My birthday, and an A+ day- I got a number of neat things today; Went out to lunch with Jesse, Wendy, Letha & Teresa; I also nearly figured out my browser alternative for the research room at work... It's been a real maze... I was close to finally solving the problem with my Plan E this morning... and by the end of the day I discovered something that made my Plan A viable again. Oiy, it sure would have been nice if I would have just stumbled upon that to start with, but I nearly a number of good things along the way.

I saw a rather disturbing story on the news the other day concerning Russia. President Putin has rolled back a number of reforms, and it seems every journalist or critic who talks out against the government has been killed- some in rather gruesome slayings... The story was about Russian "Nashi" youth camp, where high school age students are fed propaganda glorifying the days when they were a strong communist country, and how they must return to the old system to become a great superpower again. In the camp there are huge banners bashing all of Putin's political opponents, and they are given equal doses of hard exercise and political indoctrination. With Putin's blessing the youth have taken to the streets to help crush pro-democracy rallies.

- August 27, 2007 -

Today I give a C+. It was potato bar day which was OK, and I made some headway on our public access computers, but no headway on the Fuji scanner. I can tell that the main hard drive in Tachyon is going bad- it started to tick tonight, and that's never good. I tried to run scandisk, but it gets stuck in the fourth pass at 33%. It will still boot though, so I'm backing everything up.

- August 26, 2007 -

Another nice relaxing weekend; Friday Teresa and I went over to Lin & Brian's to do some stuff, Teresa organized and scanned some photos, and I burned a CD of some of Teresa's photos and I picked up Lin's Sister's computer which could no longer boot.

Saturday I worked on the computer I picked up Friday- it's hard drive was completely trashed, I couldn't get it to boot, or format, or anything, so I put a new one in it and put the OS back on and it seemed to work again OK, I was a bit concerned when she said that several things broke in her house that day, and usually if it's an electrical problem the power supply, modem, and motherboard go before the hard drive, but in this case only the hard drive died- but it's always bad when all your data is lost.

I've had a few technical problems of my own.... I think either the VPN client or Novell messed up my home network. It just seems to stall a lot, so I went and uninstalled both, and then the internet connection sharing went down- I can still send files over the network, but if I try to get to the internet on one, it will now try to call in, and I've told it a number of times that it doesn't have a modem, and it must use the network for the internet... but it just doesn't seem to work. My other system has taken to spontaneously rebooting a lot more frequently than it use to as well.

- August 19, 2007 -

I renewed my cell phone today- I have a tracfone, one of those pay as you go phones, which you only have to buy minutes for every three months. Before I added any more minutes to it I got a double minutes card... it was $49.99, but now any minutes I buy to add to it are doubled for life.

I got a lot done this weekend- mostly cleaning but I also did some work on Heavenly Pet Memorials, the website I've been working on recently, and I set up a new e-mail for myself, I don't want to get spam to it so I'm not going to post it, but it's craig@ and then my domain name.

- August 18, 2007 -

Bose headphones... just how much do they cost I wonder! There was a commercial on for them, they reduce ambient noise, and you can listen to the music with them... and they never mentioned the price, but did say that there were twelve payments.

Friday was Kristen's last day so there were lots of eats. Cynthia is also getting ready to leave so Teresa & I took she and Joe out to eat.

- August 12, 2007 -

The judge that filed a lawsuit against a dry cleaner for $54 million after they lost his pants has now lost his job because of it. Yup, just from watching Judge Judy you should know that you can only sue for the cost of what you've lost- and pain & suffering, at least because of lost pants, isn't going to get you very far in the courtroom.

Republicans seem to be trying to stay out of the eyes of the public. The top three didn't attend the Iowa Straw Poll, none of them attended the Gay Debate (but I don't think anyone really expected any Republican to go to that), but surprisingly the Republican YouTube debate on CNN also seems to be falling through as only a couple agreed to participate.

- August 5, 2007 -

Teresa and I meandered about today. We went and ate with Lou, and stopped by Alan's to get him started on putting photos on a CD so I can make a DVD slide show for him, and then we were off to Lawrence to see Wendy. We went out to the Thai House, which I found to be slightly "less better" than Zen Zero.... and after that we went to see the much anticipated (only by me) movie Sunshine. As with so many movies I pondered it could have been a good story... had it just not been gone over the edge of junky ideas. The basic premise is: In some distant year the Sun is beginning to dim, and most of the story focuses on the second ship sent to re-ignite it. Well they discover the first ship along the way, which was lost seven years ago, and all the crew is dead, except for the Captain, who is a gooey sunburn of a fellow, but he's also homicidally mad, and very strong....... and we just didn't get how he could live on his ship, with a radiation burn so bad it should have killed him, and yet it seemed to give him super strength. It just seemed to poop all over what could have been a good movie. Meh.

- August 4, 2007 -

Saturday, and it's my day to rest up and get things done. I slept in, and then I did some of the normal weekend chores, ran on the treadmill, and worked on Steve's computer some more.

- August 3, 2007 -

After work Bob, Lou, Teresa & I went out to eat at Cook's on Gage, it's a very Mom & Pop sort of place... and then we went to see DonnaRae's photography exhibit. She had taken some beach scenes and printed them on canvas- I've never actually seen that done before so I thought that was really neat. After that we went to the Sundown Film Festival at work... I'm happy it cooled off for it- it was a very nice evening.

- August 2, 2007 -

Barry shared a profound ponderance with me today that I agree with.... We've poured so much money into the Iraq war for the cause of fighting terrorism in order to protect America, but in doing so we have neglected things that are now causing us just as much harm as if there were terrorists here blowing things up and causing havoc, be it a bridge or a steam pipe in New York. There are hundreds of thousands of bridges that have received the same inspection rating as the bridge that collapsed- today the government urged the states to re-inspect all steel truss bridges.

Tonight was dinner out with Sandy night, this time at Olive Garden. Kristen also announced today that she got a new job- it sounds like a step up from what she was getting from us, so I can't fault her.

- August 1, 2007 -

It is parade night as the fair is going on this week. I came home and took a nap though- I've only gotten five hours of sleep each night Monday and Tuesday mostly because I've been helping Brent after work. After my nap I watched the news coverage of the bridge collapse in Minnesota.

I brought Steve's computer home tonight- it has a number of problems.