- August 29, 2005 -

Oiy, I came home at 11pm last night and went back at 8am... Brent pondered I should stay... but I like to change clothes each day... and being able to brush my teeth makes me happy.

Tomorrow is my birthday... How did it come so quickly? I think time is speeding up or something.... Bob got me a "No, I will not fix your computer" T-Shirt- it's super cool.

Today I'm going to walk dogs at the humane society... they are getting more help in the afternoon and weekends, but the weekday 6am walk time is difficult for them to find extra help for- So I plan to do that, run three miles on the treadmill as it is Monday... Clean, and then take a nap.

I've not put any images in this month's blog, so I looked for something to toss in. I've pondered trying my hand at Japanese calligraphy so I've been gathering proverbs, sayings and kanji in order to practice writing them... the one to the right means: "Tell not all you know, all you have, or all you can do."

- August 27, 2005 -

Oiy Vey... Today I came over to Brent's to help him on a plethora of projects... and now I ponder I just might be here all weekend! First I worked on making a slide show of senior pictures on DVD of his nephew that he took last weekend- that seemed to take forever as he wanted certain songs to play at certain times and Roxio seemed to only like to play one song in a slide show so I had to figure a few things out. I ended up mixing the songs together into one file that I could then import into the slide show. So that took us until like 6:30pm... and now we're still working on getting started on the wedding slide show DVD; and it's going to be much more complex with five times the images. Brent is sorting through the best images for the project... And I'm just sitting pondering how long it's going to take. I brought my HP over with my scanner so we could work on scanning photos in while we did sideshows, but now we're kinda on hold.

- August 23, 2005 -

Pat Roberts is C~R~A~Z~Y! ...He stated on his show that we should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. Chavez has openly denounced the US and President Bush, and has close ties to Cuba and Iran, This Evangelical Fatwa, as it has been coined, is against the law of course... a religious leader calling for people to be killed sounds identical to the mind set of the people we are trying to fight in Iraq... It would appear that in our fight to force others to embrace our ideology that now some of our most crazy people here are adopting the ideology of terrorism. The White House has made mild statements that the US does not assassinate other world leaders, but that he is a private citizen, and his comments were inappropriate.. but How can we expect Arab governments to crack down on people promoting or calling for violence when clearly we are not going to do anything about people doing the same thing here. Roberts of course is not newly crazy...he has also said that the State Department should be blown up with a nuclear device. ...That only Christians should be allowed to hold office... and that "Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians." (and that last one was before the GOP convention in '92.) C~R~A~Z~Y! ...Now I don't think all religious people are crazy *L* The National Council of Churches was quick to say that Roberts' comments were "Appalling to the point of disbelief."

Bush is a little dizzy I think- He was trying so hard to create a positive news blitz on why we should support the war in Iraq, now there will be very little he can do to stay on message.

- August 23, 2005 -

Tuesday, but just by a few hours. I worked a little on my interests page, right now I'm just working on my portfolio.

The Shuttle program is going to be grounded until March of 2006 now.

At 6:30 I went and helped walk dogs at the humane society, and I got back home at 8... and now I ponder I'll take a nap before I have to go to work.

- August 21, 2005 -

The price of gas has gone up... and looks like it will stay this high. Most people look to point the blame to OPEC, or increased demand in China, but the largest part of the problem exists here in the US. We have not built a new oil refinery here in twenty years, and currently we import the maximum amount we can refine. It will take ten years to build a new refinery, but with everyone having a "not in my backyard" attitude, they haven't found a site to build one yet. Not only is it hard for oil to find a site to build, but renewable energy cannot find a place either. Wind farms in Kansas are still on hold as "environmentalists" argue how they would impact the scenery... A new idea is to put wind farms offshore, but a recent plan to put a farm near Nantucket is under fire by residents who don't want to see the wind turbines. The location is perfect however, they must be placed in a location that gets an average wind speed of 8 mph, and they have near constant winds of 16 mph. I think people are blind to what a great attraction a wind farm could be.... the Eiffel Tower was after all a temporary radio tower that Parisians hated and thought was an eyesore to the city... they fought bitterly to not have it built, and now it is the main focal point of tourism. I say we should find the most logical spot for a wind farm, and then construct the most monumental one there.

- August 20, 2005 -

A group of scientists have discovered a way to increase the speed of light. This is a monumental discovery, but I've always pondered it to be possible... not for light to go faster, but for something to. It's a habit of scientists to brand only what they can document as being possible, long ago the Universe was nothing more than our galaxy, and nothing was existed beyond that, and once it was theorized that breaking the sound barrier would cause your atoms to break apart... and finally, as I learned in physics, nothing can travel faster than 299,792 kph, until now.

- August 18, 2005 -

There was a laptop sale in Virginia this week; It was advertised that the used Ibooks would be $50 each, which grew a crowd of more than 5000 people- but as there was only 1000 Ibooks, a melee ensued. People were trampled, fourteen were hospitalized, and reporters characterized the event saying it seemed like everyone thought they were trying to catch the last helicopter out of Saigon. Perhaps next time the sellers will ponder a higher prices... I bet they'll only Ebay from now on.

- August 16, 2005 -

Oiy... Today I got home to disaster! I came in and noticed a lot of stuff on the floor, first, my portfolio was on the floor flipped open with pages all over... certainly not how I left it, closed on the desk... and then I happened to notice that one of the keyboards and a mouse had "hung" themselves. They were just suspended by their cords from the desk, and another mouse that is cordless was on the floor..... AND then I saw that my digital camera was upside-down under the desk, the desk it that it was sitting on top of when I left. Now, I don't get upset easily, but one certain way to get me that way is to trash my technology. ...My cat and I are on non-speaking terms currently. Nothing was broken however, so I am indeed fortunate and thankful for that.

- August 13, 2005 -

Fidel Castro turned 79 today, and I ponder what the future holds for Cuba. Castro has been in power for over four decades now and I wonder if after he dies if the Cubans will move toward democracy, and create term limits... I think the US should try and extend a few friendly gestures Cuba's way to try and build a bridge now.

- August 12, 2005 -

Friday, and I have the day off, but a lot to do none-the-less. Carrie came home today, and she and Dad went to the lake to go boating, Mom is at the animal shelter, and I'm just working on things here at home.

- August 8, 2005 -

Today I jogged three miles on the treadmill and cleaned out my fish aquarium. I moved the water lilies that I had in my aquarium out to the pond today too- they grew and did ok, but they just look better outside when you're looking down at them.

Yesterday Bob came up to see Holton, it was nice to ride around and show him the town, too bad there's not that much to see here... I also showed him my water garden.

- August 6, 2005 -

There was a lot to do at work today....

Today is the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima.

Tonight I stayed up late playing Homeworld 2 with Zach, it's been quite a while since I played it but it was very fun, and I hadn't really talked to Zach in a while either.

- August 5, 2005 -

I had Thursday off, and it was a fairly productive day. I cleaned, helped a lady edit kitty photos so she can find homes for them- she was mostly the reason for my cleaning frenzy. I had Thursday off because Robert needed Friday off, so I will be working all day today.

- August 3, 2005 -

NASA has released new plans for the next generation of spacecraft... though it's really a look into our space faring past. On CNN an expert in engineering said that he doubted NASA would ever design another craft where anything could fall off and strike the crew vehicle, and it would appear how the new designs will have that as their main objective. The shuttle will be abandoned for more simple reuseable capsule- there will be a crew capsule that will be launched into orbit via a single rocket booster, and for cargo there will be a dual booster rocket with a large cargo vehicle at the top. I'm kinda sad that it lacks the cool factor that the shuttle had, but safety and capability will both be greatly improved, the chance of accident going from 1 in 100-200 to 1 in 1000-2000 that there would be a serious failure, and cargo capacity would go from 20 tons to 100 tons. It's still a very priliminary idea, and there is no timetable for when the new rockets will be put into service.