- April 12, 2009 -

Friday Jesse, Kim, Julie, Teresa & I went to look at a house! It was certainly big; three nice-sized bedrooms, one attic bedroom, living room, dining room, family room, sun room, two bathrooms... it's a big house. Is it too big? Teresa and I are going to live together, so we both wanted to have some personal space- and it needs work. It needs all the ceilings scraped, and a lot of painting... and I think it'd be nice to have a deck on the back of the house, and I'd like to put a garage door on the alley side of the garage, so you could pull in from the street, and out to the alley if there were another car in the driveway. There's a second driveway in the back, which wouldn't be needed if there was another door on the garage. I love the sun room and second story deck, and the extra rooms would allow us to move in immediately, and to work on other parts of the house at the same time.

It is the first house I've walked through though, so I guess I should look a little more. There certainly are others out there that cost less and are more polished, but this one gives me ideas....

- April 08, 2009 -

Yesterday Teresa and I went shopping after work... I don't know what it is about the winter, but I didn't hardly buy anything this winter to wear, so I got some more spiffy things to wear... two dress shirts, a tie, jacket, and a new belt. People asked me repeatedly today what was going on and if I had a job interview.

I took off early today, did tax stuff, got the oil changed and washed my car, took a nap- it was a great day really!