- April 26, 2008 -

I've been a bad blogger lately; hopefully with the upcoming D.C.- Richmond trip I'll have some photos to post here soon!

I took half a day off Thursday and helped Teresa plant some flowers in her patio. Taking half a day off in the middle of the week really breaks up the work week- it felt like a micro weekend, and we got a lot accomplished, hopefully everything we planted grows well.

This morning I got a hair cut, ran on the treadmill, cleaned some & tinkered around- really quite little was actually accomplished.

- April 16, 2008 -

Ugh- it's the first night of house sitting for Joe & Cynthia- and it didn't start off well. I left work early (but I also got to work early to resolve Quickbooks Point of Sale problems before the store opened)... So I got to the house at about 5pm- but I couldn't get the door unlocked. The front door had a lock in the doorknob, which I could unlock with one key- but there was a deadbolt lock that I still needed to unlock... and I had two keys left... a car key, and another house key. The other house key fit into the lock- but certainly didn't turn........ and I jiggled and forced it every which way I could. Then I gave up, and went to the side door which just had a deadbolt... I tried both keys in it to no avail. Since the doorknob was very new looking, and the deadbolts all looked older- and very similar, I pondered that that key that unlocked the knob would not work with the deadbolt- and that the mystery house key was to the deadbolts... but I couldn't get it to turn- and I really really tried... So I went over the Matt and Judy Veatch's pondering I could use their internet to check my work e-mail and fetch Cynthia's cell phone number... (Matt & Teresa went to Louisville which is where Joe & Cynthia went.) Alas Judy was not home... so I pondered I'd just call someone and get them to use my e-mail to look it up... So I called Matt Powell.. no answer... and then I called Jesse, and he got on and checked my e-mail, but alas I did not keep the e-mail that Joe sent me months ago with Cynthia's e-mail when her laptop needed a looking at. So then I called Teresa, and she told me to call MaryLou who knows Cynthia's parents in Topeka- but MaryLou was not home... I also called Bob... and Teresa a couple more times, and she called her friend Julie to look up numbers for me and she found TK, Cynthia's sister in Lawrence... and at the same time I called Letha who gave me Bob Knecht's number hoping he might have Joe's cell phone... and by that time Teresa called me back cause Joe had just walked into the hotel... so then Teresa told Joe I was locked out and trying to reach them, but he wanted to check in first- so they checked in and Teresa called me and I talked to Cynthia, and they talked me through opening the deadbolts.... but the key just would not turn, so they seemed to get a little frustrated as I probably would if I were trying to direct someone in how to do something on the computer- but for whatever reason this simple task was just not going to happen so Cynthia was able to get ahold of her sister, who came over with a number of keys, and she tried five or six before the last one slid in and turned and I was in! It only took two and a half hours of me pacing from one door to the other calling everyone I knew with Salem meowing at me.

The rest of the night was a breeze- I played Gamecube some, loved on the kitties, watched TV, loved on the kitties some more, and now I'm ready for bed.

- April 9, 2008 -

Wednesday- it was a big day. The last couple days the people from the sites have been in and today Jesse & I did a presentation on various IT stuff. I hate public speaking of any sort- I guess who doesn't? -but it causes me a lot of anxiety.

- April 7, 2008 -

I've talked about 3D printers before, but I found the RepRap to be a very interesting development- It's a printer that can print with two different types of plastic and it can print in layers, so it can literally print objects- and it can even replicate itself- and it has been made an open source invention... so anyone with one can print out the parts and give it to a friend.

I've been watching the KU game tonight, and it's been back and forth and a close game all night.

- April 5, 2008 -

Last night I watched BSG over and Teresa's- we were both on the edge of our seats the entire time. They never explained what really happened to Starbuck and don't seem like they will anytime soon and that's what I really wanted to see, but it was a great episode.

Today I got a hair cut, did seven miles on the treadmill, sorted clothes for goodwill, cleaned, took a nap, and then watched the KU game.

- April 3, 2008 -

It's the return of BSG Eve! Tomorrow night Battlestar Galactica will return after a year of being in hiatus- the wait has just been unbearable, but I've endured it by watching it again.

My walking is going well, I've traversed over a hundred miles since Walk Kansas began three weeks ago.

Work today was busier than normal- there were no spare moments for contemplative thought or happy meandering, just a rapid onslaught of problems- many got solved, even more got put on a list for tomorrow.