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- April 28, 2005 -

After work Brent came to Holton and picked up the newest member of his family. Before that though we stopped at PetsMart and picked up all the puppy supplies he would need to keep his pup happy- hopefully his night will go well, the pup will probably miss her littermates.

Smallfry (our Chihuahua with lymphoma) is not doing well, this morning Mom said she'd hold her and she'd just whimper, and she threw up once this afternoon- she'll then bounce back and be all happy, and she is happy and ok over 99% of the time now, but we can slowly start to see the effects of her illness creeping up.

- April 27, 2005 -

Tonight on the National Geographic Channel they had a show on the Earth's magnetic field, and the great shift that is currently underway. Studies of the Kilauea volcano have shown a startling occurrence in the planet's past- Magnetite, a magnetic element that is ejected in lava, shows us a new fact about the history of the planet... since it's a magnetic element, suspended in a liquid, the magnetite acts just like the needle in a compass- it points to the magnetic north pole, and then when the lava flow solidifies and turns to stone, it creates a record of exactly where the magnetic poles were. What was somewhat disconcerting about the show was that every so often.... the magnetic poles seem to go haywire, and then totally reverse. About 170 times in the Earth's history the poles have inverted- From studies of the field strength since the 1600's scientists have discovered that in the last 100 years, there has been a 10% decline in the field strength, signaling that the next great shift is rapidly approaching. So what does that really mean for us? As the field reverses, it will slowly die down, and invert, and grow back again, so all compasses will point "north" to what we now know as south. The only problem is that when the field dies down, the earth will not be protected from solar winds; the result would planet-wide auroras, high rates of cancer, and possible radiation poisoning.

- April 24, 2005 -

Today I took a puppy to Topeka for Brent to see, and I also went to Susan's to drop off my Best of Topeka ballots, and pick up a computer she wanted me to look at. I left the puppy, a Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier mix, with Brent when I went over to Susan's, and he seemed to get pretty attached to it... I wonder if he'd like a pair of them, the pup is really attached to its littermate.

The kitties are all doing fine, they still haven't opened their eyes or started to meow at all, but the mother cat pretty much lays with them constantly.

Friday night Teresa and I stayed at Brent's (as we had a photo shoot the next morning early). We watched Flight of the Phoenix, a dreadfully horrible movie- it just didn't seem like any of the characters reacted to the situation they were in in a logical manner. The photo shoot Saturday morning went well, but it was windy and very cold, which made things very difficult.

- April 21, 2005 -

Oh my Gosh! This morning we woke up to kitties, our foster cat, that had just had a litter of kitties before she got here, had three more kittens in the night. Since there were only three, she didn't appear to be showing it at all, but I had noticed that she tried to hide behind the desk a lot- very natural for a cat that's about to go into labor, but when you haven't known a cat very long, hiding could be something they just like to do.

Last night I went out to eat with Beca and Andrew- we went to Martinelli's, which was extremely good, and they give you a ton of food, the 1/4 helping is enough for two meals, and if you ponder getting the 1/2 size they urge against it.... I can't imagine how big the full meal deal is. After we ate and had ice cream we went to the Governor's mansion and walked about some.

I worked on my portfolio some Wednesday night, so there are some thumbnails on the page now, none go to larger versions yet- I've not really pondered what all I'm going to add, and what I'm going to take off yet, but it's some progress.

- April 19, 2005 -

Bush's nomination of John Bolton as UN Ambassador, (a man that has stated the US should leave the UN) floundered today as a Republican on the committee to approve the nomination began to sway to the Democrat side to reject, so the rest of the Republicans pushed to table the vote for three weeks (so they can likely pressure their ranks).

Japan requested to be given permanent UN Security Council membership this week which sparked angry protests in China.

Joseph Ratzinger was selected to be the next Pope- He was a former Hitler Youth (but all children were forced into it at the time so one cannot fault him for that). He never joined the Nazi Party, and then he felt from military service just before being captured by the US Army. People tend to site those reasons for being concerned about him, but I don't find it to be very fair. I do find fault for comments he made during the sex scandal in the Catholic Church though, he actually made no comments about the bishops that molested children, but was very critical of the media for talking about it, and blamed them for creating the scandal, rather than those in the church that committed the acts. A majority of Germans that were polled before Ratzinger was chosen said they hoped that he would not become the next Pope.

Today is the ten year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing- and tonight there was a program on the Edward R. Murrow Federal building past and present on the National Geographic Channel. It went through the blast micro-second by mirco-second to show exactly how the building collapsed in a computer animation, and I found it fascinating to learn that if it had been build to California building codes (to sustain a moderate earth quake) it would have only sustained 1% of the damage, and certainly would not have collapsed.

- April 16, 2005 -

Saturday- Today I went to work, and it was not such a good day, but stepping in dog poo as you're leaving the yard can do that.

I'm a bit plexed, there was a huge media/government scare several months ago about how terrorists were trying to use lasers to blind pilots, but then it was discovered that children and pranksters were doing it, and the story was quickly dropped from attention. I saw on recently a laser you could plug into your USB port, and you sit it in your window, and it automatically targets and shoots a laser beam at any nearby aircraft- could this be legal? Tonight on the NBC Nightly News it was reported that the government has apparently got into the game too. Washington DC now has a security system that shoots lasers at planes to notify the pilots that they have entered restricted airspace

- April 12, 2005 -

Hezbollah has apparently been able to get several UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) from Iran and have been carrying out surveillance of Israel- they've also publicly stated that the UAV's are capable of delivering bombs, and thus far, the Israelis have not been able to down any of the craft.

Small Fry seems to be doing well, she's gained weight, and runs about always wanting picked up and loved- and she always gets her way. A lump has formed on her chest, so she's going to the vet tomorrow. There really isn't a way to cure her lymphoma, just drugs that can buy her more time, and we try to see that the time she has is good.

The Humane Society is getting ready to move into their shelter though they are still trying to raise the funds to fully pay for it. They are selling kennels (you get your name on a kennel there and don't actually get to take it home), so they were charging $1000 to have your name put on the smallest one, and $1250 for the larger one. They also have huge ones for puppies to play- I've no clue how much those are set at, and the highest thing was for a cat room. An anonymous person who is a member of the CAT Association already purchased it. There will also be a donor plaque outside the building or in the lobby for smaller donations, so if you donate $25 or more you can get your name on it. Mom & Dad decided to get a kennel with our name on it, so I chipped in $250 to upgrade us to the larger one.

Supervolcano was on Sunday- Bob watched it, and said it wasn't worth all the hype, and I'd have to agree. Still, it's a very fascinating and frightening thing to know about. Jane came in today and asked to borrow it, so I'll have to quiz her for her thoughts after she watches it. I thought the show on National Geographic that I saw on it (that was more of a scientific documentary on the geology and history about it) was more interesting- I'll have to look for when it will come on again and record it.

- April 10, 2005 -

Today I had a busy day of ballot entering, but I finally finished my stack. Susan wrote me and said they still have a pile of 1285 ballots left to count, so they were going to be entering them all week at work. I will have to call tomorrow to get more, I just hope I don't get too many... they can be so monotonous. Teresa got her little stack done as well.

- April 9, 2005 -

Today I went to KC with Brent and Teresa to work a photo shoot. Teresa and I stayed at Brent's the night before. I mostly worked on Brent's network Friday night, and then we went to bed and got up at 4:45. The shoot was only until noon, and after that we ate at the Blue Koi, which was very good, too bad I'm not exactly sure how to get back. While we were eating Brent got a call about another shoot for flag football, so we rushed off and took pictures of a team.

Bush's plan for partial privatization has fallen in the polls, A Time/NBC poll had it at a 35% approval rating.

Tom Delay is going after the judges that decided to allow Terri Shiavo to die... He was on TV saying he wished to change the law (and I think it would require a change to the Constitution as well) so that Congress could overrule a court if something similar were to happen again. Democrats are trying to get Delay out of office, and now some Republicans are coming out and asking for Delay to resign.

- April 7, 2005 -

The Gallup Polls are in... 34% of Americans feel the country is headed in the right direction, and Bush's approval has hit an all time low of 45%.

Ballots... I hate ballot counting. I did 25 tonight, a very mind-numbing process, and I have about 50 more in my stack. I stuck a note on Carrie's door telling her I'd pay her to do some of them for me.

Last night after work I hooked the computer up at Brent's, hopefully they are getting along well.

- April 6, 2005 -

Only five more days until the ballots must be all counted. I stayed up to get mine done, but for the last four hours the phone has not had a dial tone- quite frustrating. Now I'm really going to have to stay up tomorrow night.

I got the package with the cold cathode lights and the IDE cables just minutes before I had to go to work yesterday, so when I got home I got Brent's computer all ready to go. The lights I ordered were supposed to be yellow, and it said they were yellow on the box, but they certainly look white to me. The window in the computer is tinted yellow however, so it still has that very golden glow.

Tachyon, the computer I built several years ago is starting to have more drive problems, and it has started to lock up when I move big files. I pondered it could be caused from the power supply problems before, and since I had the new pretty one with lights and such... and a lot of time since the phone line wasn't working, I pondered I'd rewire the computer. It's all back together now, and glowing even more than before, I guess I'll wait and see how it acts now.

Combined both of my computers have now completed 29 work units of protein folding assignments from the folding@home people. I blogged about it months ago- basically it is a program that uses a processor's idle time to reconfigure protein molecules to try and find cures to genetic diseases, so a big server handles the assignments, and it farms out tasks to computers all over the world that work the problems out and send the results back.

- April 4, 2005 -

It's been a big weekend! Teresa and I helped paint Lin and Brian's house Sunday, and that was pretty much the entire day. The night before that I stayed up the entire night, having had a three hour nap, so I worked on correcting the newsletter, worked on ballots, and compressed video... I also worked on Brent's computer some.

Today I caught up on my sleep, and then I went to Topeka in the afternoon and took the newsletter to Susan- they I meandered about Best Buy to try and use the gift card I got from Beca and Andrew for Christmas... I got the new Good Charlotte CD and some new headphones. After I got back I took a nap on the couch... and when I was laying there asleep the little Chihuahua jumped up on me... so I went back to sleep, and then woke up to Weezer whining, so I told her to get up there... so she jumped on me too... so we were all sleeping.. and then Chichi woke me up with a whine, so then I napped with three Chihuahuas camped out on me.

- April 2, 2005 -

I went to work today (Saturday), and it was extremely busy. Susan came in and gave me the newsletter back since it went through the newsroom and all the copy editors got their hands on it, so I shall make those corrections tonight.

The new computer I'm building seems extremely happy, and it seems to run very well- starts up uber fast. I hope the cold cathodes and braided IDE cables come Monday. I'll try to get a few pictures when it's done for the blog.

The Pope passed away today, and Terri Shiavo died the other afternoon as well. Both I guess were very much expected, so now they will pick a new Pope, and continue to fight in courts over how and where to bury Terri.

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