- November 15, 2002 -

I filed a claim for my severance and vacation against Ann, Beca already got her money... I didn't file because Lois said it wasn't needed since they'd investigate everything no matter what, but they didn't, and just paid off the people that claimed, so I put my belated claim in, and I'm sure that pissed off Ann more.

Tsuyoshi and Hirayoshi now function great, aside from networking... Tachyon still has major problems, but I'm working more to figure it all out... the primary drive really dislikes to boot.. Sometimes safemode will still function... the 15MB drive I put ME on now has a problem as well, so now I'm starting over again... I'm reformatting the secondary drive back to FAT32 so that I can copy things back to it and so ME will be able to use it... after I get that done... I'll reformat the 40GB Primary drive with ME... and back up before I add any driver I'm not sure about.

I fixed Todd's computer, the USB controller chip was fried, so I put a 2-port USB card in it and fixed it, it only cost me $9.90 Gateway said they'd charge $50 just to look at it so they could give an estimate on how much it'd cost to repair. It made me feel good that I was able to fix it so easily.

- November 5, 2002 -

Today was the election... and it seems the Senate might be lost to the Republicans. Kathleen Sebelius won the gubernatorial race though.. we'll see how things go though, because not all the returns are in yet.

I formatted a 15GB hard drive in Tachyon with WindowsME... the modem was causing most of the problems I think all along, but with ME the system acts very stable... I no longer have the secondary video card, modem, or network card in it though... I guess I should give XP another try... perhaps I'll start putting things back in... or maybe leave the network card out and continue Tsuyoshi for that... I've stopped using Hirayoshi though... I've got Tsuyoshi handleing everything now, aside from the scanner software, and the burner too. I'm getting back to where I started though... slowly.

- November 2, 2002 -

I fear Tachyon's only hope is in a reformat... but it's not going well... I've tried to put Windows ME and Win98 on it... but I can't seem to get it to work.

Beca got a check the other day from the Labor Board from Ann, but I didn't get one, so now I'm filling out a complaint... it does put salt in the wound I'm sure, but I do want what is due to me.

- October 23, 2002 -

Tachyon is not well... the new hard drive I added to it loaded some drivers onto it that caused major problems... I spent last night getting Tsuyoshi back up, so I'm transferring internet functions back to it... from there I'll get everything else backed up.. and then decide if I need to reformat Tachyon.

- October 20, 2002 -

Tachyon seems to be better today, I had problems after adding the 80GB drive into it... I thought I was destined for a reformat with all that was going wrong, but now it seems ok, and I've almost gotten everything backed up now, so then I'll do a windows update, and then once that is done hopefully video in will work

Last night I went out with Beca and Andrew, we went to eat at Winsteads, saw "The Ring", and then we went and played pool, I did pretty good too... and then we went to Denny's and had breakfast and then wander Hypermart some... I didn't get home until 4:30am too... it was really fun.

- October 16, 2002 -

Today it snowed for the first time of the season... I guess camping is now out for the season. Mom and Carrie are kinda sick.. and I have just the hint of a headache, so I'm not sure about Heerin staying with us this weekend. I just got all my homework done for tomorrow night's class, and I'm going to go early because it's parent-teacher day for Eunjoo.

Tachyon is well... I still haven't gotten video in to function, but video out works. I got my 100GB drive loaded into the USB kit, and now I'm copying things to back them up... I still need to put the 80GB drive inside the case... and I need to figure out how I'm going to keep the power IDEs, though I know it has room for it... I'm not sure how it's all going to go in.

- October 16, 2002 -

Bah, so bad I've been about writing things down. it's been over a month since I got laid off, doesn't seem like it has. This weekend Jeonchea came and stayed with me, we went to Beca and Andrews and played Smash Brothers (and took their car to get looked at cause of a anti-freeze leak) went out and ate at Old Country Buffet, played more Nintendo. Saturday we went to Chuckie Cheese.

- September 19, 2002 -

School is going very well. I don't question weather or not I will get an A, but just if I can get greater than 100%. Eunjoo and the kids are doing well... the kids always want me to stay Friday... they were kinda angry that I didn't stay last week. Monday I went out with Beca and Andrew to Tucker's and played pool... I did really well. I also drank a Guinness and another drink, but I was most happy that I kicked butt at pool.

- August 31, 2002 -

My birthday was yesterday... Beca and Andrew came up and we ate. I brought another box home... and Scott came in today to get things that Ann's kids had us do... that wasn't something I looked forward to. Monday I move the fish aquarium home. It's labor day, but Beca and Andrew said they'd help me with it then. I've assimilated a lot of data from the server and online this week, I will miss a DSL connection.

- August 28, 2002 -

I'm even more certain now that this is really the end of Dreamscape. Michelle was writing termination notices today, and was going to go to the lawyer.

- August 26, 2002 -

Today we were told that there was only enough money for the next payroll... and then everything was over.. It seems very serious this tim e... Like this is finally it. I feel bad about things... it really was turning around.

- August 6, 2002 -

Hebi; (My Chinese Horoscope) Your employment situation may become tenuous, so strive to be seen as someone who interferes as little as possible.

- July 27, 2002 -

Eunjoo called yesterday, and she's going to come over with the kids today to do something, so that should be interesting.. she said all they want to do is eat fries.

Beca, Andrew and I went out and got new fish for the aquarium Friday. I took the Koi home, and we got several tiny schooling fish for the tank, and a lot of real plants too, so now it looks a lot nicer... It still requires a bit more water, one more plant, and some more gravel I think.. but it's pretty cool.

I've been pondering my own web site too... and I've come up for one idea for it. I think I'll try to make it more adaptive to change, use some PHP in it, put my logs online, but probably password protect all my old entries.

- July 23, 2002 -

I wondered why Eunjoo hadn't called me yet, so I wrote her, and she said that the one boy she was going to bring had passport problems, so they weren't able to leave Korea. Carrie will be home in ten days now, so I don't know if we can even watch Eunjoo's kids, and class starts the 8th, so I worry Eunjoo won't be able to make it here in time for me to go with her to find JCCC, or to get her key, and if that is pushed back, will she even have room for me then?

- July 22, 2002 -

Today I got all the rest of my paperwork done for taking my class. I wrote Wash burn to have my transcript sent to JCCC, so now all I have left to do is get my books and show up... there's only a few weeks left, so I'm getting pretty nervous about it.

- July 19, 2002 -

It's good to have a full weekend ahead of me. Eunjoo's plane gets in some time today, so I'm sure I'll hear from her soon. It will be good to see her again, I can't remember when it was I saw her last. Work went ok this week, a little too busy at first, but then too slow at the end.

- July 17, 2002 -

Wednesday, and I have the day off because of the time I put in for the Spider-man thing. Tomorrow is dad's birthday, so mom and I are going to go shopping after he goes to work.

Tachyon's DVD drive and new case arrived yesterday! I've already put him in it too, without any problems. The new case is much much larger than the old one, it's lighter, blue, and has a large window in it. Achy still has problems with overheating, so now I'm thinking I'm going to have to try and under clock him or something.. because the minor performance loss would be far better than the crashes.

- July 13, 2002 -

Today was the Spider-man thing at Lake Shawnee. We lost a lot of money on the fund raiser for the Arts council, but they made a lot, and Spider-man was very cool, he was the one from the movies, the stunt man, and he could jump up and do flips. A thousand children came I bet, and they were very impressed.

- July 5, 2002 -

It took me a long time, and a number of needless reformats, but Hirayoshi is back and greatly improved from what it once was. Networking was my most difficult thing to get done, but after many hours the headache is now over. I'm starting into learning Linux somewhat, but not too earnestly. I'm pretty happy though when I look back at how my computers, and computer skills were last year at this time... marked improvement on both I've accomplished.

- July 1, 2002 -

I am happy again though, because with the disks Zach let me borrow, I was able to repair Hirayoshi.. I had to put a different HD in him, but he now runs, burns CDs, and can use the web camera fully, so there's some stuff off my list.

- June 24, 2002 -

Beca and Andrew are on vacation, so I'm watching Trinity, Teddy and four cats now, it seems to take so much time, I don't think I'll ever get a dog, even if Trinity is cool, cats are just better, I'm glad Nekochan doesn't take as much time.

I put a flash coming soon screen up at today, it's just ok neat... not really cool or anything.

- June 8, 2002 -

Sunday, this weekend I got Tsuyoshi running again, and with it the webcamera/scanner, but it still has trouble turning off and on. I've still got Hirayoshi left to figure out why it doesn't boot. This weekend I started to exercise a lot more... I went jogging three times so far... and started doing push-ups more regularly.

At work a girl named Rosa is going to start tomorrow... it's just a freaky occurrence since our fish Rosa died last week. Rosa is going to do our E-lance work, and she has a degree in programming... but I don't really know anything else about her.

Today I sent in an application to JCCC so I can take classes.... I'll have to send a copy of my transcript to them too soon.

- June 5, 2002 -

Tachyon is ok now... I'm not even sure what was wrong with him... the "trunicated boot.ini" file seemed to reappear, I've done intensive scans, and only minor things were found.

- June 3, 2002 -

The horrible has happened, the Compaq got a virus, which it gave to Tachyon over the network, and now, out of the three computers I own, none function at all. I really don't know what to do, it's my hope that the boot.ini files on both were corrupted, so that is what is preventing them from starting up, but it could be much worse. I called Ben for help Saturday morning, but he never called me back. Today he came in and sat down in my area, he didn't say he was sorry for not calling back, in his mind he could just pretend that he didn't get it, and he assumed I'd just tell him about it, but I didn't, because he felt he probably had to, but the act of not calling back shows that he really doesn't want to help me, so I forced myself not to talk about it. I figure he will ask for his domain name sooner or later, it was to be mailed to my address with the ones I ordered, so telling him that they were on Tachyon is an ok way of getting to the subject. I think part of the reason I just let it sit, is because if I don't turn it on or try anything, nothing further bad can happen, and my junk just stays in suspension, rather then oblivion.

- May 30, 2002 -

I'm horribly frustrated on a PacMan-like flash game I've been working on. I did it to a different dimension than what the book did, because if I copy it identically then I'm not really learning, but I fear I'm not learning anything this way either... I've just spent hours and hours trying to make it work, and now I've come to feel that the time I have already wasted on it was not worth the knowledge I could have gained from making it, so I'm very much at the point of giving up on it totally.

- May 24, 2002 -

Things have been good for me the last couple weeks, I've been doing a lot of stuff with Beca and Andrew lately, Beca's birthday was Wednesday, so we got a cake for her and just watched a movie, it was fun. We are starting to do things each weekend now, at least on Fridays after work anyway, I don't know if we'll do anything today, I'd like to see Star Wars EpII which came out last week.

- May 12, 2002 -

This weekend I didn't really set any goals to meet, but I did get some stuff done. Friday I went to Beca and Andrew's and played video games, so that was fun... I put a modem in Tachyon this weekend... got it online, got all the windows updates, and installed some stuff... ICQ causes the computer to reboot though... so that's going to be a big problem until I get it figured out.

- May 8, 2002 -

I got a couple packages Monday, one from Yuka, and the other was a ram chip I ordered.

- May 3, 2002 -

The week went very well, today was pretty good too. Michelle, Beca, Andrew and I went to Sonic for lunch in the bug.. it was funny cause when Andrew got out of the car.. the seat spring in the back touched the battery, and he got zapped... It was audible.. and it vaporized half an inch of the spring... so it must have released a lot of energy.
Tomorrow I'm going to go see Spiderman with Beca and Andrew, so that should be fun.. I haven't worked on the '55 in several weeks now though... so I'm a bit discouraged that it will take a very long time to get done.

I think I've gotten to the root of Tachyon's restart problem... there was an error that the webcam couldn't be found at the same time... so that's what it must be... fixing it will take some help.. because I've pretty much uninstalled everything I know relating to it.. but something is still calling for it. I ordered another 523MB chip of ram for it, so it will be up to 1024MB. I put one of the other chips that didn't work up on Ebay, it's a learning experience if nothing else. Beca and I have both gotten into Ebay more.

This weekend I plan to try and study PHP some, I need to start stating a goal for each weekend.. and then when the weekend is over I should talk about if I met it, or what I should try to do next. I ordered a book on PHP today.

- April 21, 2002 -

I am learning junk... though slowly. Tachyon is more functional today... I think tomorrow I'll try to get it's modem all installed... I'm just going to take the one out of the HP. I got a lot of junk installed on it this weekend... a lot of the mp3s sorted, made my first digital video, figured out some system things... and did some reading... so it was pretty good.

- April 6, 2002 -

Yesterday I finally got Tachyon working... there are still a lot of things to fix with it... USB2 card, modem and network card don't work... no updated drivers on it.. and the updated drivers I put in it so far did more harm than good, and now it restarts any time you try to shut down.

The week went well... Ann came in and gave us $50,000 so we are now totally caught up on all of our bills, and we've already met about 25% of how much we are supposed to bring in for the month. The week was pretty slow though really.

- March 24, 2002 -

The weekend was pretty good. Washed and cleaned out the '55, Dad let me pick between the 210 and the BelAir Hardtop. Mom spoke to Aunt Karen and she said that Eric wanted to get rid of his old car... and he was just going to give it away, so I might get that... that'd be so cool... I have no idea what state or repair it is in... but it has to be better than my car by far. We'll see though. Today mom is going to highlight my hair. I decided to name the new computer Tachyon... it's very fitting I think, Travis thought it was the coolest.

- March 4, 2002 -

Today Ben, Beca and I went to Best Buy and I got my GeForce4 Titanium Video card... it is the last thing I will need to buy for some time... external DVD drive can wait... network card is more important though... but I can always use the network card from the HP. The GeForce was shipped early, so it didn't come with all the cables and such... but I just filled out an online thing, so they'll send them to me, with a T-shirt.

- March 1, 2002 -

We were supposed to get a lot of snow today, so I took a days vacation. I had a headache and wasn't feeling so good. I got my Blackout Buster 1000 today, and then I just got done downloading the most recent drivers for my hardware. I should get the Ram any day now, and Travis should get my HD anyday now too... he's going to put a Gig of mp3s on it and then send it with XP... then all that is left is the video card... and I'll probably use the one out of Tsuyoshi until the new GForce4Titanium comes out.

- February 27, 2002 -

Another step closer to completion I am... Today I ordered a gig of ram and a 500W power backup... I still require the G4Ti video card... but my Radeon will do for now... Travis should get the 30GB primary drive any time now and send it, a gig of mp3s and XP to me soon, and I also ponder a USB2 card and some other wonderous things. ....Limitations will soon no longer apply.

- February 25, 2002 -

Today was Rob Zeller's funeral... I feel so sorry for Emily after seeing her so greifstricken.... It's really something I feel I should remind myself of every day, good or bad, for my life could be a lot more difficult and painful than anything I've experienced.

- February 17, 2002 -

It was actually a pretty good weekend, and I've got most all accomplished that I wish to, except I didn't get nearly as far into Flash as I wanted to.

- January 29, 2002 -

It's very early Tuesday morning. I went to sleep early so I woke up, so I figured it would be good if I got something done. Today I'm going to try and get the Dreamscape website done and up.

- January 26, 2002 -

It's Saturday, I got my second Japanese lesson from Yuka today... I'll really have to start studying my Japanese now. I've been sending her stuff about art history in exchange. Today I went to Topeka with Betty and her husband to pick up a few tables from work. The old place is getting pretty empty. The new place is pretty good though... we have a long way to go before we will be fully stable, but at least now we are happy.

Today I finally ordered my motherboard and the processors for it. I guess this means I'm committed to building it now *L*

- January 13, 2002 -

I've been collecting more computer stuff, this week I got an optical mouse. It matches the computer perfectly, so they will be cool together, but for now I'm using it on the Compaq. I picked out a power supply for the new computer today too.

We've actually started to get jobs in, just a couple so far via Standard-Hart Printing. A client came to them and needed to have some design work done, so they came to us. They and their client were very happy with what we've/I've done so far, since I've done all the work on them, it makes me pretty happy, and I hope they will continue to bring stuff to us.

Today was an ok day at work. Michelle brought in Dillon in... so we didn't get a whole lot done... it was also Ben's first day back too.

Carrie went back to Japan today, and will be there till August now. It's very nice to have her around, but I do like the quiet too.

- January 1, 2002 -

It's the first day of the new year. I really didn't do anything for New Years. I have kept part way to my resolutions last year, to keep this journal (even if I lost part of it). I need to try and work out more this year though.

Progress on my computer I'm building is going very well. I've pretty much got the outside finished with Dad's help. I'm including two images of it stripped down and painted: 02computer.jpg & 02computer2.jpg. I've picked out a lot of the components I want to put in it, I just need to buy them all *L*.