- December 16th, 2001 -

Friday was Jamie's last day... Rick was fired a week and a half ago. He had done more to hold us up than to help us, and now with him out of the way things should be a lot better. Friday was our Christmas Party, I got four eggs of silly puddy, a dart board, a laughing gingerbread man... and a jar of jelly. I was pretty successful in spending all of my pay check this period... Christmas shopping really helps in doing that... and I had $200+ worth of stuff done to my car, so that really helped. I also ordered a chip of RAM... 256MB for the Compaq so it will be up to 384MB.

- December 2nd, 2001 -

Sunday, today I went to Eunjoo's and had lunch with her in Kansas City. She wants me to rent, or be on her apartment lease with her, so she can have two people staying there. I don't really know how necessary it is, but I really don't want to, so I don't know what I'll do.

I just finished writing a letter to the company why I feel Rick has not done a good job.

Saturday I went to Grandma's house and ate dinner with her and then played cards and dominos, it was a pretty good weekend all and all, and I got a fix for the badTrans virus, and everything is working very good now.

- November 26th, 2001 -

After getting a letter bounced back to me from someone my computer sent the virus to I've discovered the name of it, and spoke to several people, one of which is going to send me something that will hopefully take care of it. I think things are handled until then though.

- November 25th, 2001 -

Sunday, I now must consider my first log a total loss, it was on a drive in Tsuyoshi that got literally burnt up, but it was the only file that I did not have a backu
p of on Hirayoshi. After that I started a temporary log... which I'll include after this entry, and then I'll try and give a recap of the "year of hell" later.

I got another virus today from a lady that I e-mailed a month ago for mom. It just really sucks to get a virus. I deleted her letter, but then got one back from myself over the lists, and others have told me that they had it sent to them, via me... so I went online and ran two different virus checks, both came up negative, but once after that I noticed twice that Outlook was being unresponsive, and the net usage was racing, so it must have been up to something. I'm backing up everything now since I just have everything on Hirayoshi now. I've already spent about an hour backing up... and now it seems it will probably be another two hours to finish.

-Work is going a lot better now. We are going to move to a place in South Topeka, rather than in Lawrence. Rick was very upset over it, but most all of us, except Jamie are happy about it. I don't want to go back tomorrow... after having the last four days off for Thanksgiving I kinda like the down time. I would talk about work.. but it'll be in the recap later, so much has happened.

I'm really pondering what my next technology acquisition should be... laptop, digital camera, PDA, or to focus more on building my own computer. Tsuyoshi still has some problems from the power incident, I tried to reformat it yesterday, and it said that it couldn't do it because the hard disk could not be found... but it works decent now... that is a serious problem for the future though.

- August 9th, 2001 -

Today was a big day! I went out to lunch with Beca (one of the other art people) and when we got back to work, Scott (the former president of the company) was outside in his truck. Things have not been going well at work... Since Scott with Cosmo had lost so much money, Ann (the money lady) decided that we would not do Cosmo any longer... So Scott was given papers to sign over the company (since he borrowed all the money from Ann), and Cosmo is out... And Scott was very upset... and I guess when he was talking to Michelle (The President) he informed her he had lots of guns... So we've had a security guard the last couple weeks... and yesterday Scott called in... and they told him that Michelle was in a meeting... and he said that Michelle was avoiding him... and if she wasn't going to listen to him... he would find another way to get her attention. So today Scott came... and Michelle wasn't there... and the security guard said he could not come in... and Scott started yelling at him and pushed him. So then Beca and I drive up... and Scott is in his truck... so we go inside and everyone is running around, and Matt (the other art person) and Justin (Scott's son) told us what was going on.... And then the Police came... Like three squad cars, and five officers, and then Rick told us we could all go home... So Beca, Justin and I went to Gage Park (Cause Beca had to get a house key from Andrew) and we got to ride the Merry-go-round for free... and then we went to Baskin Robins... and then to the mall... and I got new sunglasses and green hair dye! So it was a very interesting day.

- July 29th, 2001 -

Sunday, I got a specialized program to clean off the virus that's going around, and it too says that my computers are clean.. attempts to get the computer to read the 30GB drive have failed, so I'll take it into work tomorrow... My main concern is my log... for it's the only item that cannot be replaced.

I talked to Carrie today briefly.. She said she would even arrange and pay for my ticket. It'd be so cool to go to Japan again, but it would be bad to be out of work... and to have to go through looking for a job again... but a month's vacation in Japan if things at work fail would be nice.

I replanted one of my Biwa today... Perhaps when the summer is over I'll take them to work.

- July 28th, 2001 -

Saturday, I've run virus checks on both computers to have the net, and both came up clean. Tsuyoshi reported possible bad sectors on both hard drives... and after running scan disk on the primary drive with the 30GB one out, it seems to be working fine, so now I'm pondering if I should take it in to work or just try to put it back in.

- July 26th, 2001 -

Thursday, and a hectic and fast week it has been! Monday two computer viruses were sent to me, and I think Tsuyoshi is now infected. I'm going to wait till the weekend to turn Tsuyoshi on again... it cannot see the 30GB drive. Dana said he got the virus too.. and now his computer will not even boot, and fails to reformat... I can only hope that I will fare better. I plan to remove the 30GB drive, and try and take it online and remove the virus... or reformat after backing up some stuff.

I can finally report that after all this time, Cosmo is being "put to sleep", at least in the eyes of Pekaniter... For the rest of the week we will be extricating ourselves from it... and so far it's going very good... and it's really brought about closure to everything... so we can either begin new projects, or go our separate ways.... there's still a little more life left in the place though, two more weeks until the comic convention, which will last a week, so I have at least three more weeks of employment left I figure.